Created an Android app for Jackson & Donaghue ratios


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Sep 5, 2019
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Leeds, UK
Hi, I've tried to contact the site owners to see if this is OK to post using the "contact us" page, but had no reply, so I hope it is and apologies if it isn't.

I wrote an app last week for tortoise owners to check the Jackson or Donaghue ratios as my wife noticed there wasn't one in the Play Store when she tried to find one.
Please can you take a look and let me know any feedback?
If you like it, please leave a review on the Play Store as it helps with rankings so others can find it easier.


Planned future updates:
Log over time, with graphs
Multiple tortoises

A colleague of mine is currently writing an iOS version using my graphics and basing it on mine.

We are new to owning a tortoise and we had no idea how to check if it was growing at a healthy rate until we came across a couple of sites telling us to use the Jackson Ratio (we have a Hermann's), my wife found a (non-mobile friendly) website with the calculator on, but could not find an app which seemed odd.