CB 2013 Northern Redfoot hatchlings - $150 incuding overnight shipping

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May 5, 2010
I have many well started 2013 Northern Redfoot hatchlings that are 2+ months old. They have good growth on them and are eating dandelions, hibiscus leaves, hollyhock flowers, grape leaves, plantain, mulberry leaves, sedum, mushroom, strawberry and cantalopue. They are housed indoors for the night and are outdoors during the day time.

What to expect when ordering from me:
The most important thing for me is that my hatchlings get a good home so if you are new to redfoot tortoises then I am happy to help with you with every aspect of their care. E-mail is the best way to stay in touch with me but as time permits I will be happy to answer your questions via a call. My support does not stop once the hatchling reaches you but you are welcome to call me or e-mail me whenever you have any questions. I do not have a web site, yet, but please note that I am NOT in the business of selling animals. I am a hobbyist who breeds many species with the goal of making available healthy hatchlings for others to have a successful and enjoyable experience. Please see the following links for some reviews about me.





All tortoises are guaranteed to be alive and outwardly healthy upon arrival if signed for upon delivery. Any DOA or obvious problems must be reported within an hour of delivery and will require verification by photo or return. I will e-mail you the tracking number when the package is shipped to you. I used to provide a seven day guarantee but thanks to a few who tried to rip me off I had to change that policy.

$150 all inclusive. This includes overnight shipping, new styrofoam lined box, cool pack if needed and Paypal fees if you are using paypal. If you send me a postal money order then the price will be $140.

NOTE: If you have a shipping account that would allow you to get a cheaper shipping price than $50 then you are more than welcome to prepare the shipping label and send it to me. My zip code is 95954.

I will ship via UPS or FedEX for next day arrival. Please note that if you live in a small town or remote location then even if I choose 10.30 am delivery the package might still not be delivered until later in the day. So please check with UPS and FedEx for delivery times in your location. Sorry but no USPS or second day shipping.

Payment - Paypal and postal money orders accepted. Please e-mail me for my address or paypal ID depending on what you are using.

Please visit http://tinyurl.com/px7r768 for more pictures.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you.

Michael Thathuvaswamy




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