CB 14 Guyana Redfoot Hatchlings $135 Shipped!

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Apr 7, 2010
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CB Guyana Redfoots hatched this year are available for sale. Nice colored little dudes here that are full of energy and have been raised on a varied diet eating anything and everything in sight! Priced at $135 shipped to your front door. Add $60 per additional hatchling.
Get them while you can, only 4 left!






Why Buy From Us? Here at Tropical Torts we understand that it can be nerve wracking to buy a living creature from an online source which is why we strive to make your buying experience as simple as possible. We can help you choose the exact tortoise that you want to buy. All of our advertisements only contain pictures of the actual tortoises available for sale PERIOD. With other companies you have to give them your zip code and wait for a shipping quote and then add on their bogus "shipping and handling fees" while you may not even get to choose the exact animal that you will purchase. How ridiculous is that? Well that is simply not the case with Tropical Torts. The price you see is the price you pay; no shipping quotes, no "handling fees", no 3% Paypal fees, and you always have the option of choosing the exact tortoise that you buy. We list all of our animals at reasonable prices with shipping and everything else included into that price! This is as simple as it can get folks. So save yourself time, frustration, and energy by buying your next tortoise from Tropical Torts today!

PRICE: $135 shipped to your front door plus $60 per additional hatchling desired.

SHIPPING: I ship FedEx priority overnight Monday-Thursday. U.S. shipping only, no shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, or American provinces and territories. I will not ship to ANY location with temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. All packages should arrive between 10:30-12:00 the following morning. Live arrival is guaranteed unless the package is delayed by the carrier or if you are unable to receive the package when it arrives. You, a family member, or a friend must be at home to receive the package when it is delivered. ALL SHIPPING COSTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

PAYMENT: At this time we only accept payment through Paypal.

CONTACT: Only contact me if you are a serious buyer; otherwise, do not waste my time as well as yours.
Email: [email protected]
Call or text: 850-261-2912

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