Can someone tell me what my boxie is?


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Jan 25, 2018
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Hi I’ve had my box turtle for maybe 9 months and I don’t really know what type he/she is. Any help would be awesome! Not sure on age either. Maybe 2 or 3?
IMG_0271.jpg IMG_0283.jpg IMG_0281.jpg
So she spends half of her time inside and half outside. Definitely stays dug down a lot. And doesn’t have a great diet. The person I got her from only fed wax worms. I try and vary the diet but so far no luck. She does eat other live worms though, not just wax worms.
And she really scared me over fall/winter time. I had her inside because of cold weather and she ended up hibernating/brumating. I didn’t think that she would because I had my temps up and on a normal cycle. But either way I thought she would die since she didn’t eat for 4 months. I did take her out every couple weeks for a soak and wake her up but that was it for her. Right back to sleep after that.
Alright sorry for the long post but I’ve never posted her on her and any tips would be nice.


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Jan 7, 2018
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Looks like a baby eastern box. (Terrapene carolina carolina)