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Oct 1, 2018
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Parker, CO
I am getting pretty overwhelmed with all the information on this forum, which is such a big help, but so many choices. Can an experienced Hermann keeper tell me which lights they would buy for our set up. And the recommended distances for the lights your recommending. I will buy a solar meter, but I don’t have one yet and am in the process of building and buying.

It’s a 10’ x 3’ table; I’m planning on 26” depth. Our substrate will be 6” deep. Leaving us with 20” from the top of the substrate to the top of the lid. A hide on each end with hide that will be 12” wide (heat panel or heat tape attached to automatic shutoff thermometer to keep the boxes at 80 degrees)

Ideally I would like to open the top more, when he/she is older (currently 7 months) but at what age could I do that?

Question- which size linear lamp(s) and fixture(s) should I use? Should I use 3 ceramic lamps to keep it heated or does that sound like too many? Or would the heat tape, wrapped around the entire tortoise house work just as well as the ceramic lamps?

The enclosed tortoise house is what we are building now, but with more glass on the top to be able to view inside.... the second picture with the open style, is what we would like to change it out to, when the hermann is older. Also, we will have a summer house for them that is pretty large, so these will be the indoor home.


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Feb 14, 2017
something that big a radiant heat panel might be the better way to go for heating, will be more cost effective too, just a bigger initial investment. you can go to reptile basics or pro products. just google “reptile basics/pro products radiant heat panel”

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