Bright light in tortoises eyes is he okay?

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So I just got my tortoise out and it’s quite late where I am I just wanted to check it was okay because it’s only about 4-6months and anyway I had it in my hand but because it’s pitch black I had my phone torch on and my tortoise accidentally looked into it I moved it away straight away it made it’s high pitch noise and went in it’s shell but it can straight back out again and seems absolutely fine. I’m probably just over worrying but is my tortoise going to be okay because of the bright light in its eyes for less than a second?


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New Jersey
Tortoises that are startled (like by a sudden bright light while someone picks them up in a sound sleep) often expel most of the air from their lungs...sort of like how we would gasp air in. It makes it easier to pull all the legs into the shell, and makes a noise that has evolved to scare predators. (When we gasp air In, it makes us look larger. And more daunting to predators.)

Gasping scares kindly caretakers as well. =))

Sounds like s/he recovered their bearings quickly. I don't imagine there was any actual eye damage.

Enjoy your baby - all new parents learn how to juggle!

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