Black and White Argentina Tegu for sale, yearling.

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Oct 18, 2011
20131230_203323.jpg I need to sell my Black and White Argentina Tegu. He is tame but needs a little time, I have taken him out everyday I've had him, with difficulty, and once he is out of cage is fine, will ride on shoulder sit in your hand, ride on your head and eat out of your hand. He is healthy and eating. His only problem is he does not like to be removed from cage, he has not bitten me and tail whipped me yet but he does hiss. He needs a owner that is more experienced than me with calming lizards, I did a lot of research before I decided to buy a Tegu, I bought one because every where said they were very docile and that's what I needed cause I didn't know how to tame a lizard and I went wrong by buying a already year old one. He is not mean, he just gets very scared when you try to remove him from his cage. I'm sure an expert could have that fixed soon, I just don't know how.
He will make a wonderful pet, I really hate that I have to get rehome him but I just don't know how to socialize him properly and am afraid to keep trying and make it worse.
I'm only asking $220 shipped 20131230_203323.jpg
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