Betty's the Bomb


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Aug 21, 2019
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.I picked my Ornata Ornata up from the middle of the highway on my way to work. She was a healthy ornate box turtle. I released her in a "perfect" location near a friend's home, away from traffic. A few weeks later, as my friend and I were enjoying morning coffee in her garden, Betty came right up to me and stared up at me. Oh, dear, she was in terrible condition. A sticker was lodged in one eye and the flesh above her head. She could not move her head at all. The sticker had been there quite some time as it had turned black. She no longer looked healthy. A year and a half later, she is happy and healthy. She has what I (and her vet) deem human characteristics, in that she is very attached to me and comes to my voice, loves to be held, and acts nothing like other box turtles I have rehabbed. After two releases, and 2 escapes from the back yard, and voluntarily returning to me, Betty has made it clear she prefers to be pampered by her human "Mommy". It's crazy how much I love my Betty.