BEST APRIL FOOLS prank played on a tortoise.

Feb 7, 2021
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Am a new tortoise owner. Drove to Texas to adopt a 2 year old female sulcata tortoise.
The drive home was the first surprise. Who knew a tortoise could have gas like an elephant? 28 hours there and back...after the ice storm.
I’ve had her for about a month and noticed she was so much bigger than what I was seeing in this forum. Tallulah is the size of a watermelon.
Not wanting her to have poop on her underside that she had backed into outside when I put her in her night box, I gave her a soak. Since that didn’t get it off her I put her in the shower and held her up to the shower and cleaned her under shell. Well.... apparently the warm water brought to life something like a giant arm with an alien face on the end out of my sweet “girl”. Either she has an alien in her or “Tallulah” is a “Thomas” or “Tank” etc. Surprise!!😳


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Sep 8, 2018
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Many years ago my sweet mother-in-law was changing a diaper on a year-old nephew and thought it would be a great time to teach my future wife and me how to properly do it. We were mere teenagers at the time. This was also back in the days of cloth diapers. As she worked to position the diaper in front just right to insert the safety pins - apparently it took too long and generated too much "friction" - the little boy did a little flashing of his own, up over the top of the diaper edge. I never laughed so hard or saw my wife and mother-in-law so flustered and embarrassed. I would have high-fived the little tyke, but that maneuver, like disposable diapers, had not yet been invented...