Bathing Indian Star


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May 17, 2010
I've got a little Indian Star, hatched in September this year.
I'm chuffed to bits with him and he is doing all the things I would expect.
The caresheet from the breeder doesn't give any indication on bathing him.
All my Hermanns and my Cherryhead Redfoot seem to thoroughly enjoy a daily bath.
I've been giving him a bath each day for the last week or so and he also seems to enjoy it.
He has a shallow dish of water to soak in if he wants in his enclosure but I've not seen him using it which is why I decided to see if a daily bath would be appreciated.
I would like to know if this is the correct thing to do or am I storing up trouble healthwise by bathing him?

Yvonne G

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Jan 23, 2008
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Yes, it's always a good thing to soak young tortoises for a bit daily. One can't always expect a baby tortoise to know what's good for itself.

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