Baby Sulcata Temp and Lighting.


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Jul 27, 2021
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Ha Noi
Hi, i'm new to a baby sulcata and new on this forum, i have a 3 feet long indoor tank, i'm use a 80w Solar Glo and from bottom to the top of lamp is 13.5 inch (35cm) and my Basking Spot is 41-42C, around the basking spot the temp is 34-35C and cool side is 30-31C down to 28,29C on a cloudy/rainy day, i'm keep humidity around 75-80% always, day and night. So i wondering is that good? In here where i live, very hot now, do you think the temperature in my tank is too hot? I turn off the light for 2 hours when noon, cuz its too hot, and turning back after it, i turn the solar glo for 10hours a day, 6 am to 12am, then turn off and 2pm to 6pm. I don't use the CHEs because temp at night No lower than 28C. Thanks for your help. Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother language.

I'll have a full picture of my baby sulcata enclosure, and my daily diet for her/him soon.

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