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I often see posts saying:
I can’t get grass for my tortoise .... grazing is not an option... I can’t grow grass for my tortoise... and so on.
I am blessed with a big house and a big yard etc. but I lived in a small apartment before with a dog, cat and a guinea pig.
Also now as soon as I put seeds in the ground and don’t cover them up birds, squirrels and my friendly rat come over and enjoy the seeds.
So here is what I do.
Any plastic container with a lid and few holes is my new “greenhouse”.
This grass grew in 4 days.
Herbie already ate some this morning.
This is an organic; no stuff added wheatgrass mix. It requires no maintenance and it’s safe for you and your little creatures. I mean all you do is add some dirt (this case is organic local soil), some H2O and you are golden.
Hope this helps.

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Ps. My dogs and a cat enjoy it as well.

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