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Oct 25, 2017
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Hi everyone,

I have two Hermanns, one is 11 and about 20cm and the other is 4 and about 12cm. They currently live indoors in a tortoise table but the larger one needs more space now he is bigger and I have built him an outdoor enclosure. It is about 1.5m x 3m. Its the biggest I can do in my small rented garden.

I am going to bring him indoors to the tortoise table to sleep at night, mainly for safety as I fear he could be stolen easily. He will only be in it when I am at home (which is quite a lot).

My question is how cold is too cold to have them out there?
The outdoor enclosure has no heating or warm/green house, thats what his tortoise table is for which is around 30-32 degrees under the heat lamp but in the UK it almost never reach that temperature so is it ok to have him out all day when its say 20 degrees? colder? do I NEED a plastic green house type area so there is somewhere warmer to go on days where its about 15 degrees?

I'm also aiming to hibernate the older tortoise for the first time this year when the weather gets colder.

Appreciate any advice on outdoor temperatures suitable!

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