Advice Needed: Turtle Swelling and Breathing Problems


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Jan 10, 2015
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New Delhi, India
Hi everyone! I am a new member here, and my turtle “Lucky” has been under the weather for quite some time. I will try to provide as much details as possible.

I have had Lucky since the last 10 years. Parts of his body started swelling in October 2014. As I reside in New Delhi, India, a specialist turtle vet is impossible to find. I had been taking care of him by asking general vets, and following whatever advice they have given me. Unfortunately, there has been no improvement in his condition.

He has swollen eyes, armpits and legs. He has not been eating much since the swelling started. He also has trouble breathing, so he currently breathes through his mouth (and not able to inhale through his nose).

Prior to him falling ill, I usually kept him in a water tank, with the temperature set to 30 deg Celsius. He also liked sunbathing, so I kept him outside for 2-3 hours. During winters we used a lamp to provide heat to Lucky. One of the vets we consulted said that the swelling may have started due to him getting too close to the lamp, resulting in swollen eyes (but no explanation of the swelling on other parts). Another said a respiratory infection may be the issue, causing swollen legs, armpits and eyes.

His diet consists of shrimp and food pellets (but he hasn’t been eating much).

I have been searching through the forums and I came across liver failure and lung related issues that could be the cause. However I needed a better idea about what sort of problem he could be suffering from, and any medicine that can be administered. Will post photos soon. Thanks in advance!


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Sep 6, 2011
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Hello and Welcome:). Sorry to hear about your turtle. Post pics of him and the tank when possible. I can't really help you here, but hopefully someone here will be able to. Good luck.

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Jan 23, 2008
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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I'm not a water turtle person, but I know someone who is. Let's send a shout out to @Gerards . I hope he will have some words of wisdom for you.