Adult Male Redfoot-Looking For Tropical Paradise!!!


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Hello friends,
I’m T, Einstein’s current mom. Ein is 35 I bought him 5 years ago from a local store here in Spokane and it’s been wonderful ever since. You see I’m not posting this out of need or desperation.. I had a dream. That Ein was running in the sunshine somewhere humid with other tortoises, digging outside and being his natural self. I want that to be his reality friends. Up here the summertime is limited and although he has his own room in my home he’s by himself. He had a female companion for 15years and they were sold separately at the store. I don’t have the knowledge to keep boy/girl tortoises together so I haven’t replaced her..but he’s very affectionate he would do great in a new herd. When I was in the hospital for 2wks and came home he laid on my feet for an hour :) I’m not asking a rehoming fee I just want him to find the right herd somewhere warm and south. My boy deserves it. Please message/call me to talk and maybe video chat. I can’t figure out how to get pics on here from my iPhone but I’ll happily send some.
Much Love,
T :)


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I can put you in touch with a keeper I know who lives in PALM BEACH COUNTY Florida who is looking for more Redfoot and has several acres of sunshine.
(I currently only keep females)
If you're interested, text me at 954-683-7609 and I'll connect you two.
I can verify and reccomend this person.