Adult Female Albino Common Snapping Turtle

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Feb 4, 2009
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Offered for sale is my Albino Common Snapper female. She was born in 2011. I was surprised one morning when I noticed an egg underwater. I contacted the previous 2 owners, and asked if she had been with a male. Because In the few months I have had her, I know I did not put her with one. The last owner I acquired her from said she had been with a 6 inch orange common snapper male. She was originally owned by Tracey Linkous in (FL). He knows a lot of the history on this girl. I found out this sometimes happens with newer females. Plus, I am sure it did not help not having a sandbox set up for her to lay.

Now to be clear, I did not personally see her lay this leg, but unless a hawk flew overhead and dropped it in her enclosure, I would say its hers! lol. The egg is probably just under the size of a 50cent piece. A few days later, I also noticed fragments from another egg that may have been eaten by her. This Albino is also of Clive Longden lineage according to Tracey. The cement round stone in her enclosure is 11 inches in diameter to give you some perception of her size . Maybe the recent colder weather we have had here in South Florida caused her to release the egg. I don't know. Another disclaimer, I do not know if this egg is fertile or not, but Its being incubated. She is also almost 5 years old now!

My interests are tortoises. I would be interested in trading her for "any" albino sulcata tortoise female, or Albino Male Redfoot of breeding size, or Large Aldabra tortoise. I have personally talked with Clive, and he said that his perfect Albino snapper babies will be @ 10K a pop this year. Willing to hear interesting offers/trades on her. She has an imperfect shell, in which I was told she hatched out this way. But, she will still give you perfect babies. I am looking to get $15K for her just based on what she can potentially produce and how much the babies cost. If she had a perfect shell, she would be a lot more money! I have tried to find other adult Albino female snappers offered for sale, but there are none! So, I have been told by several sources, this is a very fair price. If you have an Albino Snapper Male, and have been wanting a female, here is your chance! Albino to Albino will give you all albinos babies. Breed her with just a normal Male Common Snapper and make all 100% Het. Albino babies, which I am told would sell easily for $1500each. You may also give me a call, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest.

cell (305)788-0340


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