7 inch radiated tortoise

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May 22, 2010
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Im offering this radiated tortoise for sale, Ive had him for approx 3 years. This tortoise does have some issues thats why the price is so low. He eats normal and is growing at a good rate. Im offering him for 700. dollars to California residents because I dont want to ship him and want you to see it in person. I paid over double than that price, the people that sold me this tortoise were not up front about him. I did not buy this tortoise from anyone on this forum. You can message me through this forum and I will get back to you. If it does not sell that is not a big deal either, it is a great tortoise. Im trying to put together a future breeding group and do not want him to be a part of it. I can drive a little distance to meet if need be. I do have my permit but would rather not ship


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