4-5 Year Old Sulcata For Sale

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Jan 26, 2015
Sulcata For Sale
Several years ago we took in a tortoise from someone who stated they where going to “let him free”. His name is Littlefoot and he is 100% awesome. A lot of care has been put into making sure he has had a rounded diet, calcium and appropriate lighting, and his shell is testament to that. I will not sell him to anyone who doesn’t have knowledge of testudinidae and in specific Sulcata Tortoises. He is an incredibly large commitment and is a lifestyle altering animal. Therefore, if you are someone who likes the idea of a tortoise but has not invested the time in researching do not bother to message me. Prospective buyers will be vetted with questions to gauge their knowledge of care requirement and actually ability/resources (i.e. land) to care for a tortoise long term.
$50 dollar rehoming fee.

Current size ~8 inches SCL.
In a growth spurt and may be 10 inches by the end of this post.

I would prefer to sell local so as to facilitate pick up or drop off but I can ship through Ship Your Reptiles. Buyer pays shipping.
Located in Bay Area, Northern, CA

Can’t figure out how to post photos to this forum. Fauna has this same ad with photos attached.

Serious inquiries can message me here and I will provide my phone number for further correspondence.
Best wishes
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