4.5 month old tortoise not eating as much as normal


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Jul 23, 2019
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I have a question. My little guy has been with us since mid July. He is active during the day and seems happy. The last few days he doesn't seem to be eating as much. His basking is around 90 and his humidity fluctuates but I try to maintain 60 but sometimes can get it to 75. Soaks daily. I am used to him eating alot and the last few days he eats a few bites and goes on his way. Currently weighing in at 60grams. Any idea on his lack of eating? Oh hes been on dandelion radicchio romain the odd spinach as a treat and mazuri every 3rd day. Which he will devour but I have been mixing it in chopped greens in hope he will eat more greens and not only mazuri....

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Jan 23, 2008
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The most common cause for a tortoise to not eat is he's not warm enough. How old is this tortoise? I keep my babies' enclosures between 80-85F degrees day and night, all over the whole enclosure - no hot side, no cool side. Let's ask @SweetGreekTorts if she has any words of wisdom for you. She's more familiar with the Hermanns species than I am.

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