3am pic of Matilda

jeff kushner

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Jul 24, 2020
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North of Annapolis
Posting just for fun...... This morning she was bulldozing the moss. That's how she searches for her worms.....she knows they hide in the moss so she goes in low and gets under it, then plows through while looking. I counted out 10 decent size worms Sunday when I cleaned and refreshed her home. I looked this morning when I heard her bulldozing and searched through her moss and found nothing, so she got fruit before I left for work since it's time for a live-food break anyway.

For those wondering, her home is set .75"higher on the gravel side, and there is a heating pad under the moss-end extending 3/4 of the enclosure. I use a cardboard box top and side to hold the pad snug to the bottom of the plastic enclosure...otherwise it wouldn't transmit the heat very well at all. This allows water, naturally cleaned by the moss to be available for her at all times as well as providing the humidity she needs with evaporation. Because the moss is heaped a couple so inches high, her world is flat. I know it's "working" because I have to add a glass full of water each day due to evaporation!

She is getting big in there though.....so I've begun planning a 24/365 outdoor environment. Plan now is to use the "soon to be replaced" front storm door as the cover for her new pen(it has a full screen in the summer, glass in the winter), giving her some decent space and will allow me to provide her with a natural home complete with bugs, lizards and snakes....I think its how God intended. 5-12-21-330am.png