3 Bird Baths / Fountains Available

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Jan 5, 2013
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I have three fountain/bird baths available to someone who is able to provide their own transportation (to and from). :D

They were covered with tarps over the winter so they should be in good shape. I have not tried hooking them up to pumps, but the birds seem to like them post-rainstorm nonetheless. They were simply left by the previous homeowners and I doubt I'll really use them. They're around 4 feet tall (let me know if you need exact dimensions and I'll get my tape measure!). They are made of concrete (and possibly a resin mix); they are very heavy. The fountains have a waterfall feature. They are able to be hooked up to a pump. Please note there are no pumps included. Any other questions, let me know.

You must provide your own transport (I can help load the pieces into your car). I am located in mid-Michigan. First come, first serve!

Fountain #1: This fountain has removable birds. Each of the 3 layers come apart. It also sits on a fourth piece that holds it up.


Another picture of the fountain with birds:


Fountain #2: Here is one that features turtles and other animals. I have two fountains of this style.


Fountain #3: Here is the second fountain with turtles:

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