3 Adult Female Galapagos Tortoises for sale

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Oct 24, 2012
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I have three young Adult female Galapagos Tortoises for sale.
They are around 20 years old.
This is the age when we have seen others laying eggs and breeding.
Each animal is described separately below and I have detailed pictures of each animal.
These animals have very nice shells, that are nice and domed, not flat and flared out the way many of them are at this age.
Their legs are under them not flared out.

Each animal is marked and the identification letters can be seen in the pictures.

Approximate weight 260 to 300 pounds

A-33 inches straight shell length, 43 ½ over the top, 54 inches over the top sideways $ 21,500.00
No abnormal scutes.

B- 33 inches straight shell length, 41 ½ over the top, 51 inches over the top sideways $21,500.00
No Abnormal scutes.

C- 30 inches straight shell length, 39 ½ over the top, 46 inches over the top sideways $18,500.00
No Abnormal scutes, This animal does have a large goiter and you can see a lot of puffy skin around her head and legs.

You can buy them individually or as a group. $60,000.00
They are in south Florida; you will need a permit to transport them out of state, no exceptions.

Aldabras available.

I also have 4” Aldabras $1,795.00 and two pair of sexed Aldabra tortoise 12”
Please email me if you need additional information.
C1 9.69 12 1/8 Female $3,600.00
C2 9.03 12 1/2 Male $3,600.00
C3 6.39 12 Female $2,950.00
C4 5.95 11 3/4 Male $2,950.00

Sam Pascucci
[email protected]
Florida Iguana & Tortoise Breeders.

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