2015 Radiated Tortoises Updated

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Sep 5, 2011
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These were hatched 1/31/15 Radiated Tortoises. Unsexed. Well started and growing like crazy on Spring Mix, Mazuri, and Marion Zoological Diet. Eating great. These are groups of unrelated babies. Price range $1100-1700$ depending on which tortoise you are interested in. These are a steal as far as how nice they are, and what is currently available. Must have CBW permit or resident of the state of Florida. Studbook information is available depending on the tortoise(s) you are interested in. Offering discount 1000$ each in the photo with the 2 already sold if you take all. The other group of 3 available can be discounted if buying multiples as well. Shipping via Fedex included.
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