1st BIRTHDAY 😁🐢❤

Cleopatra 2020

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Feb 1, 2020
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El Mirage. Az
Today Rosie turns 1 years old.... it has been a great adventure this far with her as I was a complete worry nut in the beginning since we had just lost our little Cleo which didn't even live 5 months from hatchling failure syndrome.... however my little Rose has been amazing and strong and just weighed 405 G on Sunday and shes really starting to grow that cream colored shell....lol Also her Present is a $500 encloser that will be finished tonight and then will "cook off" any bad smells for two weeks and adjustments then she gets to move in... she'll be moving from a foot and a half to just under 3 ft enclosure... into a 3 foot by 5 foot enclosure....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE Birthday Card Maker_1610458208791.png 20210112_065303.jpg Screenshot_20201219-122733_Gallery.jpg 20201227_071734.jpg 20201112_201048.jpg 😁🐢