wood turtle

  1. J

    Ornate Wood Turtle breeders?

    Hi all, I’m looking for a captive bred ornate wood turtle. Willing to adopt or buy from a breeder. Thank you!
  2. shellfreak

    1.3 Spotted legged wood turtles (Rhinoclemmys punctularia)

    $1800 shipped gorgeous bright yellow skin, and incredible highlighter orange strips on their heads. Captive bred 2019 eating everything known to wood turtles, pellets, live worms, and lots of greens and fruits. raised wet as hatchlings, now converted to land with large water area...
  3. zbarry

    Help idk whats wrong.

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help me with this cause I have no ideal what it is and its worrying me. I just noticed this like weird scab/excess skin on just the left side of my ornate wood turtles face. I tried getting some of it off with a q tip and it looks like skin to me but I'm not sure why...
  4. zbarry

    Not sure if fungus or just like a weird birthmark type thing.

    Hopefully someone out there might be able to help me out even tho the turtle isnt on the species list. But I have a Ornate Wood Turtle that I have recent got from a trade show and she has a weird spot on the bottom of her shell and she has some white ish lines on her back. I've had her for like...
  5. erinbug

    Ornate wood turtle?

    Found this little guy in a box on the side of the road the other day. I believe he’s a Central American Painted/Ornate Wood Turtle? Think he’s a he but unsure, don’t think he’s quite grown yet. I took him home and got him set up in a 5ft tub with coconut fiber, cypress mulch, and bark. Large...