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urine color

  1. BassMaster4379

    Russian hatchling urine is clear...is this normal?

    I happened to be watching my Russian hatchlings when one of them urinated. I was surprised to see that it was a clear liquid rather than the white paste-like urates that I've seen previously. This made me think a little and I honestly can't remember the last time I found any white urates in...
  2. whortoise

    Baby russian’s pee color

    Hi im super worried about my russian baby, i came home to find the water dish has a rusty pee color and there was some white feces (?) in it. Im worried that she might be sick or something. Ill try to attach an image
  3. M

    Please help!!!! Desert tortoise peeing dark brown/ red!!!! ):

    I just found this tortoise like two days ago, I’ve been feeding him collard greens I bought some grass hay but he won’t eat it, I’ve put out water but he doesn’t seem to drink it, I’ve soaked him because I read that’s another way to get water in them yesterday he peed and it was a light pink...