1. E

    Update on Blastoise (need feeding tips)

    Hey there guys, So, obviously it's been a few weeks, we have made changes to his enclosure and overall he's seeming a lot healthier, his eyes look less sunken, his skin looks less dry, and his plastron has even hardened a bit. As well as this his egg tooth is now gone. However it is quite...
  2. S

    I found what looks like a shell in my tortoises cage!!

    Hello, a very worried tortoise owner here! As I was cleaning my torts enclosed I noticed what looked to be a decaying shell in the dirt. I checked my tortoises shell and it appears to be just fine but with a red stain as I thought this to be blood. I gave him a wash and everything seems to be...
  3. T

    Pink on my Sulcata’s anal scutes

    I have noticed that my tort has pink on his anal scutes. He is eating and drinking normally and is also very active still. Any advice? I have made a vet appointment already, I just want to be on the safe side. He is 3 years old, 20lbs and 15 inches long
  4. Speedyandy

    Hello! I am so glad to find this forum. :)

    Hi TortoiseForum, I am Andy, and my little buddy Speedy is an Indian star tortosie. He's been with us for over fourteen years now. This is just sharing a little about him. He is an active little fellow but throws a lot of tantrums at times. Sharing a few pictures of him. Questions that I have...
  5. A

    What is wrong with my tortoise

    Please let me know if you see something wrong or odd and give me ideas on what to do. I’m trying to do better for her and I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou!
  6. N

    Tortoise RI and overweight and general help

    Hey yall, I have 2 babies and 1 maybe 1 year old. I bought them from a sketch person. I didn't know they were going to be very sketch until I went to pick them up. My friend's cousin(who also owns a tortoise) is friends with them sho I figured they were good. I was wrong. I bought the 1 year old...
  7. D

    Belly is Soft

    This is Leo he is a Leopard and is 8 to 11 months old, He lives with a female Sulcata also 8 to 11 months. I'm worried about the center lower portion of his belly that looks someones skin after a really long bath, or does his belly look normal? It seems as though it has become less rigid over...
  8. T

    Tortoise Nose Bubbles

    Recently bought an adult Russian tortoise and the first night we had him in his enclosure we put cypress mulch in it. I got the bag from Home Depot and later realized it said: "Cypress Blend" which means it also contains pine and it was very damp because the bag got rained on. The tortoise was...
  9. I

    Worms in tortoise poop

    Hello! Today I found a worm in my tortoises poop, which I noticed after he was hesitant to eat this morning. The soonest I was able to get in to the vet was Friday, and I am just wondering what should I be doing until then/ is that too long for my tortoise to wait? I am scared to self treat...