sulcata baby care

  1. Turt☆

    Rescued sulcata hatchling

    Hello all, This past Saturday, 11-24-18 I rescued a baby sulcata that my dog had caught in the backyard. I live in southern california, specifically los angeles county...when I found the little guy he was covered in dirt and hiding as far into his shell as possible. Anyways, I cleaned him...
  2. Ser

    New sulcata parent

    Hey everyone! I'm new to sulcatas. I've been doing rehabilitation and release for native red ear sliders in my area for a few years. I've been obsessed with Sulcatas for a while and had the opportunity to get a hatchling a few days ago. The person I got her from said she was 4 months old, she...
  3. Emily Contreras

    How long can it stay in a 20 gal

    Right now, I have a 20 gallon tank for my little one to stay in, I have plans to move it to a closed chamber, (My step dad is building this for me) I know 20 gallon is small but I have a 40 gallon tank awaiting the baby if the 20 gallon doesn't work out. I have planted grass inside my current...
  4. Emily Contreras

    Tips for new sulcata owner?

    Ok, I need some major advice, I know to feed the baby some grass, he has heat, he has a humid hide, he has access to water, I just need some advice on the BEST food to give it daily, (im not a pro so please dont use some fancy words, break it down for me!) Please tell me a good daily food, and a...
  5. NewTortEnthusiast

    Can someone tell me how old my two sulcatas are?

    Hello all. 4 days ago I had purchased two small sulcata tortoises. Both of which are about as big as a base ball. I bought them from a close neighbor for really cheap because I am his neighbor, who in hindsight isnt a very good sulcata breeder. He had shown me most of his sulcatas, from...
  6. M

    Baby Sulcata Tortoise not gaining weight

    I have a 10 month old Sulcata Tortoise that is not gaining weight. I have been weighing her weekly and she's gone from 4.9 oz when I got her in February to 3.65 today. I have been taking her outside to eat daily, and staying out there with her until she starts settling in for a nap, which is...
  7. WyattsReptiles

    Sulcata seems uncomfortable in terrarium?

    My baby just hit 9 months on April 10th. She's lived in her 55 gallon tank her entire life from my knowledge, with trips outside to graze the lawn and explore, of course. Recently, though, she's been scratching at the glass as if she wants to get out. She seems kind of uncomfortable in her...
  8. WyattsReptiles

    My sulcata won't eat grasses

    I have an 8 month old sulcata, she eats tortoise diet from zoo med, but refuses to consume more natural diets such as grasses and hays. Help would be much appreciated!!!!
  9. Shaye

    New baby, hopefully good care.

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, as I just got a baby sulcata a few days ago. I have learned a lot reading on here and I feel far more confident in taking care of my little tortoise (Aristortle). I just wanted to confirm that he is being taken care of well for now. There is a lot of conflicting...