sulcata adoption

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    Hi, I feel like I need to rehome my sulcata. Sadly he has pyramiding. He is a year and a half old. I’m unsure if it’s a male or female. I feel like I need to rehome him to hopefully fix his shell and give him a better life. I’m located in East Texas.
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    Would love to adopt a Sulcata

    Hello! We operate a 13 acre nonprofit farm sanctuary in the North Carolina foothills and are interested in finding an adoptable sulcata tortoise to join our motley crew.
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    Rehoming Tortoise- Located in Maryland

    I couple of months ago I had found a tortoise on the side of the road almost getting run over. The tortoise is not native to Maryland or the east coast so I must have been a released pet. I figured she is either a 1.5 - 2 year old Greek or Sulcata Tortoise. She wasn't taken care of well, her...
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    Looking for a Sulcata located in kern county

    I want to adopt a sulcata have been working on the enclousure and have a big yard im located in kern county please message me
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    Request for Assistance/Placement-Sulcatax2

    Good afternoon, My neighbor moved and left behind a small female and a larger male Sulcata turtles. I volunteered to take care of them, however I do believe I am ill equipped to take care of them properly. directed me to this site. I am looking a place to rescue/adopt them...
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    Sulcata in need of good home

    I have a male sulcata tortoise named Eli. He’s very sweet, curious, and gentle. He will be 4 years old in September; I’ve raised him from a hatchling. He’s large for his age, measuring about 12 inches, no pyramiding. He LOVES being outside and sunbathing, as well as taking warm baths. He’s...