russian male

  1. V

    My Horsfield is uncharacteristically lethargic

    Hi, this is my first post here after lurking for years. I need an opinion on whether or not this is an emergency for my tortoise. The earliest exotic vet appointment is August 5th so I don't know if I should wait or not for his check-up. I moved a little over a month ago and my Horsfield...
  2. S

    Russian Tortoise Scratching Eyes, Pink and Puffy

    Today I was soaking my Russian when I noticed he had been rubbing his eyes and they were a bit pink and puffy around the edges. I've been away for college and my parents have been taking care of him but he seems to be doing fine otherwise. His enclosure is 2.5ft wide and 5ft long and typically...
  3. Victoriatori

    New (unexpected) Russian Owner, advice?

    I apologize for the length. Hello, I may have jumped into this boat a bit more prematurely than planned. I had a friend post about rehoming a Russian tortoise a few months ago, and then again a couple days ago and I've owned reptiles in the past (though it's been a few years and I wasn't...
  4. lionheartHC

    Feeding Russian grass?

    So here in Ohio it's October and I just brought Gary into his tortoise table for the winter. I do not hibernate him as he is my only Russian and I do not intend to do any breeding. Ever since Gary has been put outside I've noticed a lot of grass in his stool. I know they are typically not grass...
  5. Winston's mom

    Help! I bought my tortoise a new tortoise table and he's not happy!

    Hi all, I adopted my 4 year old Russian tortoise from a couple last week, who had him in a small vivarium/ tank that was about 2 feet x 1 foot with beech wood chips as a substrate. We've bought him a tortoise table from Reptile Centre which is 90 x 45 x 21.5 cm (roughly 3 foot x 2 foot). I...
  6. kng_momo

    Eye swollen

    I have a Russian tortoise and I’ve had him for a couple weeks. This is my first time having a tortoise and I’ve read a lot on how to take care but I just need more help. One of his eyes is swollen on the bottom and it’s been closed for the past couple days, I’ve washed it with warm water when I...
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    Maui the explorer
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    The Titanic
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    Healthy eating
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    Ready for cirque du soleil
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    Hawaiian retreat
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    Admiring the flowers
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    Maui on a mission
  14. kiramcathey

    How Old is He? Wild or Captive?

    About a month ago, we got our Russian tortoise from a previous owner. She had no clue how old he was, she also got him from someone else. I know that he’s a boy, but I can’t tell how old he is. His shell is about 5 inches from head to tail (but not including the head and tail). Also wondering if...
  15. R

    New Member Introduction

    Hey everyone! I’m new on here and I just wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I are committed to getting a Russian tortoise soon. We have done a lot of research on taking care of them and housing them and we are willing to spend the money to help our future tortoise live a long and healthy...