1. J

    UPDATED - Want to Re-Home Russian Tortoises, their names are Sleepo and Turner.

    Basic care requirements: need to be fed a variety of wild weeds, grasses, broadleaf weeds. They need a good variety calcium rich diet, I usually feed mine Monday through fri then I don’t feed them on the weekends. There enclosure needs to be 8x4 feet or larger per tort they can be housed outside...
  2. Unique Username

    Red eye russian

    Have a male russian tortoise in my creep with some red in his eye and was wondering what everyone thought. Just trimmed his beak with a dremel so some dust might have gotten in there and caused the nictitating membrane to inflame, or it might be a blood vessel popping.
  3. A

    Ferns and russian tortoises?

    Hi all, I have 2 ferns in pots but don't know if they are safe for my RT to eat. Pics included in post. Thanks!
  4. B

    Sudden death??

    I recently bought a tortoise from a breeder on the 8th of August. A five year old Russian tortoise. For the first few days he didn’t want to eat. I figured it was probably because the temperature in his enclosure wasn’t right or maybe because he was just getting used to his new environment. I...
  5. B

    Uk good weeds and flowers

    Hi everyone! I’m in the uk and I’m struggling for wild weeds and flowers ! I really want bolt to have all the good things he need ! If you know any weeds or flowers (other than dandelions) please let me know ! If you know any good veg I could feed him that would be great too ! I feel like I’m...
  6. R

    Tortoise Exercising

    Hello fellow tortoises! I have a 14 year old “daughter” Russian Tortoise, and I was wondering how much exercise she needs. Any ideas?
  7. 3 Month Radiata.jpg

    3 Month Radiata.jpg

    My 3 Month old Radiated Tortoise
  8. G

    Russian Tortoise

    I just brought a Russian tortoise home. It's only been a been day and a half, all he does is sit in the corner in his hide. But I know he needs time to adapt. He came up for a bit ate and went back. I do have a question about what exactly I should feed him and what brand of supplement I should...
  9. jamiemunchel

    is it a boy or girl

    i really am not sure if it is a boy or girl i think it’s a boy but you guys know best. it’s a russian tort
  10. MandaG

    Scale loss and skin shedding

    HELP Oh boy. Okay, Ima lay it out for you. I live in Wisconsin and I'm 16 years old. My young sister got a russian tortoise about 5 years ago from a pet store, and just under to weeks ago she gave him to me. Very happy about that, because I could clearly see that he wasn't given a lot of...