respiratory infection

  1. H

    Is my tortoise sick?

    My tortoise keeps on making these weird grunting/whistling noises that I can only describe as a super short exhale. He is eating and pooping normally, is active, doesn't have nasal discharge nor is his nose blocked (from what I can see from 10cm away from his face). He only seems to make this...
  2. milesm916

    Possible respiratory infection in redfoot tort?

    So I got a redfoot recently and he was pretty much fine up until about 2 days ago, when he stopped eating, and started sticking his neck out much further than usual to breathe/was breathing heavier than usual (a combination wheezing/clicking noise?) He's been up and moving and drinking lots of...
  3. J

    Yearling suddenly died.

    We have had our Sulcata just over a year. It initially had RI shortly after we acquired him. We treated him with antibiotics and I believe they gave him a shot...calcium? I'm not sure. Well, he stayed sick on and off for months. His skin peeled it was scary. I syringe fed him for a while...
  4. L

    Please help! Possible R.I.

    Hi! I'm new here and this is my first post. I've had a south african leopard tortoise for almost 15 years and this is the first time she might be sick. She recently came out of hibernation/brumation in mid/late March (kept indoors, I haven't always lived with her but from what I remember she...
  5. P

    Tortoise rubbing eyes

    Hey guys I've got a inidan star tortoise hatchling 6 days ago , he is currently showing signs of respiratory infection so I'm currently treating him by soaking him in low conc veterinary tetracycline hydrochloride Ive also got a uvb bulb , I have noticed he seems to rub his eyes a lot , his...
  6. N

    Does my tortoise have a respiratory infection?

    Hello everyone, my tortoise makes squeaking noises out of his nose and he isnt really eating much. Whats happening? Should i be scared?
  7. M

    Texas Blizzard and 135lb Sulcata with both eyes swollen red and snot!

    Hi All, We have 3 large Sulcatas, here in Central Texas. All were in excellent health until this Texas Blizzard hit. Our power was our for 3 days and we had to move the torts inside our house (stinky)! Even inside our home the temp got down to 42°F for about a day. Prior to the power going...
  8. TortoiseGirl (Ava)

    My baby Hermann tortoise is inactive! Might be a respiratory infection, please help! (Vet isn't an option)

    Hi! I got Petra a few months ago, near the end of summer. She was an active tort and she loved to eat. After I got her another newborn friend ( same species ) Levi, she started being a bit inactive. Then suddenly she stopped coming out, she ate though. I realize now, the temperature was too...
  9. V

    Rehoming my Hermanns?

    Hello, I am new here so sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. I have had my hermanns tortoise for about 12 years, since he was 7 years old. I didn’t keep him very well for a long time, partly due to where I was living but also my mental health has always been poor and I have struggled to...
  10. Shortyalex16

    2 year old sulcata making whistling noise from nose

    Hello everyone, First of all, In a few days it will be Sheldon's estimated birthday. I would like to thank everyone who helped me when we found Sheldon in our garden two years ago as a hatchling. I remember not knowing a single thing about tortoises and thinking Sheldon was a desert tortoise...
  11. BDDA9A80-CEC9-4A51-AED8-B0A0367F2016.png


    Poor Poe has had a little respiratory infection, this is what he thinks of his medication. Anyone else ever experienced having to give a tiny 2oz tort an injection?
  12. N

    Sick turtle

    My son talked me into buying a Central America wood turtle at which time we set up an elaborate out door enclosure next to our pond with fencing and heat lights. It was in the darn thing for one day and escaped. We looked everywhere for this turtle but three days later we went on vacation. Upon...
  13. P

    Seeking opinions/advice on my reeves hatchling's health!

    So for some background info, "he's" fairly young (almost 2 months old) and we're just worried about him and want him to be happy and healthy. We adopted him towards the end of August, and the day we brought him home he seemed quite inquisitive and energic and he ate all of his food...
  14. T

    Russian Tortoise Respiratory Infection

    I’ve had my adult Russian Tortoise for almost two weeks from Arizona Tortoise Compound and he was very sick when he arrived (I emailed them and that’s another story). Snotty nose, sleeping all day, mucus, sneezing, etc. He eats normal (a lot actually), poops and urinates normal, but drinks his...
  15. Cicitina

    New Tortoise Owner Worries!

    Hi everyone! I am a new owner to a baby Hermanns, it has been 4 days since bringing baby home and I was given very little information when adopting him. I have done as much research as possible since bringing my new little family member home but I have so many questions and concerns. POOP...
  16. Meaghan4

    Baby red foot clicking, making noises and worms in soak dish!!

    I received my baby red foot Marley last Thursday 7-23 and his vet appointment is Monday 8-3 Marley has not eaten anything since he arrived. I soak him twice a day and give him 20 min of outdoor sunshine every other to third day. As I was soaking him on the 30th I noticed cotton like mucous in...
  17. A


    Hello! I've had my sulcata tortoise for a month now. The first few weeks were a bit of a struggle trying to get everything into place, but I feel that everything is on track now. However, the humidity jumps a lot higher than the temps at night and I've heard that if the humidity is higher than...
  18. Feebswhat

    Baby Hermann - is this normal?!

    Hi everyone, new here. I have 10 years reptile experience. It never had a tortoise before. I got my 10 months old Hermanns baby yesterday. Bathed straight away, he (calling him he) stomped around the enclosure right away and then ate some bristly ox and dandilion. Then burrowed and went to...
  19. AlvinCris24

    Baby sulcata issue (lump on face)

    I have recently have a by sulcata, all went well for weeks but later the other day, tort have some cold, and with lump beside the nose. The tort was irate of the lump and keeps on scratching it, till this morning upon soaking, my baby literally ripped off the lump on his/her face. Please help me...
  20. A

    Poor Tort is Swollen (Advice?)

    good morning all. I’ve had my little Russian box tortoise Torti for 17 years. She’s never had any health problems, and under my care has access to UVB light, a Spring mix diet, regular soaking, supplements, and access to roaming a desert backyard. Yesterday morning, she was in good health but in...