1. T

    4 year old red foot for free. Must live in Pennsylvania or close.

    A lot going on in my home life and in order for littlefoot to have the best life I must do the hardest thing and let go of him.
  2. Spying on Carbo

    Spying on Carbo

  3. S

    New To Tortoises, Need Advice for Redfoots! (Habitats)

    Hello everyone! I’m Narji from Michigan, Excited to be here! So, I’ve been interested in getting a little tortoise for a while now, and I’ve been researching a ton on the topic (several things I learned from this forum before deciding to join), but even so, I’ve come across conflicting...
  4. D

    Shell issue

    Hello I posted this before when my tortoise shell looked better. My red foot tortoise is 3 years old. Her shell started to show a lot of white. I have put the humidity up as well. But it seems to look worse now. I just wanted to hear some opinions of what it could be. I been brushing her with...
  5. D

    Possible shedding or something else??

    Does anyone have any information on shedding? My little ones are 10 months old from the same hatch and one of them has been shedding on the front legs. He's not in any pain or discomfort. All the shedding info I see is mostly on the head and shells. This first pic is from a few weeks ago but...
  6. Obama Turtle

    Tank mates?

    I have my redfoot in 8’ x 6’ bio active rainforest enclosure and I have the feeling that it’s kind of empty... I’ve been thinking of rainforest animals that could live in the same enclosure as the redfoot but not harm it. Any thoughts?
  7. 8

    Help with Redfoot tortoise enclosure

    Hello, I was just recently gifted a redfoot tortoise and would like to receive some help and feed back to improve my tortoises enclosure. He is kept indoors where the temperature is about 80-90 in the day time and 70 or above in the night with a humidity of 70-80. Ive used cypress mulch for...
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    Tomato's first Christmas, Happy Holidays all (late post)
  9. akcoff

    Redfoot isnt eating on his own.

    My Redfoot tort (approx. 3 years old) doesnt seem to touch his salad on his own. However, whenever i show him and hand feed him food, he takes it and eats most things i give him. I switch out the food after 24 hours. Heat, humidity, and light sources are all optimal. He's soaked 2 times a week...
  10. S

    Looking for a Venezuelan Red Foot

    Hello! I am new to the forum! I am looking to buy a venezuelan red foot tortoise. I have done some research and they look like the coolest little tortoises. We are looking for a male preferably, younger the better. If you have suggestions or tips let me know! Thanks in advance!
  11. akcoff

    Is this shell rot??

    Just got this redfoot tortoise a few days ago and noticed the black spot. Is this shell rot?? Is he going to be okay?? I've never had to deal with shell rot before and I'm terrified. Please help!
  12. akcoff

    New Redfoot Tort Owner!

    Hi! I was hoping to get some insight and care tips for Redfoots. I purchased one today and have him in a large glass aquarium with coco coir substrate, a large shallow water dish, a dark and humid hideout, and I feed him mustard/collard/turnip greens mixed with ZOOmed tropical tortoise pellets...
  13. J

    HELP Red foot screaming at night

    Hi, I just bought a baby red footed tortoise (3 months old according to the petshop). On the first day of caring for the tortoise I noticed it made clicking sounds that were made by small snot bubbles coming form one of it’s nose holes. I went to the vet that same day and he told me it had...
  14. B

    Red foot tortoise diet

    New owner here, I just wanted to know what greens, fruit and protein my little one can eat. Also what they can eat all the time and some of the things they can have as a treat every now and again. But anything about diet is perfect Thank you in advance.
  15. S

    Shell rot?

    I was weighing my fairly new hatchling today and noticed weird "lines" on the bottom of his shell. He's acting totally normal and his shell is not soft anywhere. Is this the beginning of shell rot or something else?
  16. Vintage

    A few UVB lighting and housing questions

    I bought a 2 year old female redfoot tortoise, I'm picking her up tomorrow. Her shell length is approximately 6 inches. For the enclosure I plan to use a big two foot by four foot tub for now. I am planning to use the lid of the tub to keep the humidity in, with the CHE's and light underneath...
  17. S

    Hello there!

    Meet my new RF hatchling, Taco! I've had him for exactly a week today and he seems to be adjusting well. He surprisingly loves his morning soaks and will stay in them forever, adores mango, and already comes to me and will eat out of my hand 😍 Thank you to @Southernreptiles for the beautiful baby!
  18. Emily Anderson

    ADOPT - Super friendly Red-Footed Tortoise - Seattle

    Hello Everyone, It is with a very heavy heart that I find myself writing this post. Due to upcoming moves and an uncertain future, I am not going to be able to provide for my little man, Boris the Tortoise, and give him the quality of life he deserves. Boris is Red-Footed tortoise about 13...
  19. E

    My redfoot prefers cooler temps, is that weird?

    I've got a 3 yr RF who continually heads to cooler, 50-60F options when they're available. Today's a great example, it's 52F here in Texas, his enclosure is 85F and he's outside hunkered in the grass in the cold weather. Has anyone else experienced this?
  20. S

    Looking for RF hatchling

    Does anyone have redfoot hatchlings available? I have contacted several breeders already and haven't had much luck.