1. milesm916

    Possible respiratory infection in redfoot tort?

    So I got a redfoot recently and he was pretty much fine up until about 2 days ago, when he stopped eating, and started sticking his neck out much further than usual to breathe/was breathing heavier than usual (a combination wheezing/clicking noise?) He's been up and moving and drinking lots of...
  2. S

    Taco got an enclosure reno

    I just finished renovating Taco's enclosure! I added a new hide (he outgrew his old one), new plants, and some more sphagnum moss. He seems to love it so far!
  3. Coborbasta

    Rocks for enclosure

    Hi Guys I have recently managed to get to the coast the weekend (first time in a while). I have picked a few rocks for my torts enclosure (Redfoot) from the beach. I was wondering if i have to be careful about anything? i have washed the rocks and let them dry but is there anything I should be...
  4. milesm916

    New baby, just some fun pictures of him!

    Just some pictures of Murphy, my new baby! These are from his free roam time in the evenings, when he's the most active!
  5. R

    Red foot for adoption Florida

    I have had a red foot tortoise for about 5 years & am looking to give them up for adoption to the right home. The tortoise has had a well balanced diet, adequate home, etc for the 5 years I’ve had them. The reason for adoption is that recently (about 6 months ago) they started to bang on the...
  6. S

    Upgrading Redfoot Enclosure

    Hey everyone! I have a beautiful ~7 month old redfoot that I purchased from Southern Reptiles last year. He's already more than doubled in size and quadrupled in weight since October. He will occasionally explore his enclosure, but I think he needs more plants/coverage to feel fully comfortable...
  7. Coborbasta

    Underlining substrate

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on substrate to go under the orchid bark so the tortoise can burrow. I use tortoise terrain but realise it’s not good for them. cheers
  8. Coborbasta

    New plants for my enclosure

    Got some spider plants in my enclosure starting to look good Ruben the red foot is loving it 💪🏻 if anyone could suggest any more that would be great!
  9. Tortgurly

    The Jo and Bob Show

    I have two healthy and active redfoot torts of approximately 1.5 - 2 years of age. I think they're female but I don't know for sure (I named them male names as initially I thought they were male but I'm coming to the conclusion that they are likely female). I'm looking at relocating rather far...
  10. C

    Tortoise shipping/travel in Italy

    I'm not sure if anyone has experience with this, but I have two 1yr old Redfoot tortoises that I'm rehoming in Italy, but I'm having a hard time finding transport from their current location to their new home. I'm willing to go through a pet courier, or ship them overnight but I'm just having a...
  11. S

    Need some advice on redfoots i bought

    So I recently bought a pair of redfoots from someone that could no longer care for them, one is about 7 and the other is a year and some months old according to the person we bought it from. They sadly have some pyramiding from before I got them. But my question is what are your guys opinions on...
  12. catullus

    How it started / how it’s going

  13. Coborbasta

    Planting seeds in an indoor enclosure

    Hi new to the forum. Recently got a red footed tortoise and I have a inside enclosure being in uk! I was wondering if there was any m plants or grass seeds I can plant in the enclosure to make it abit more natural for the little guy. If so would I be able to use the substrate I am using which is...
  14. Lady Ashthorn

    Wellness check?

    Hey all, Baby Ez and I have made it a week! Or we will at 5:30pm. I just want to make sure my tort-keeping skills are up to snuff. My temperatures are looking good now at an ambient of 75-82F and 95+F directly under the lamp (but he rarely is right underneath). He digs into his coco coir or...
  15. Lady Ashthorn

    Planning ahead- is this safe?

    Hello! Ez and I made it a week! I know this is incredibly early, seeing as how it's still winter up here in Canada, but I'm wondering if the plants which grow naturally in my yard are safe for a redfoot tortoise. The one I have been having trouble getting any information on is called "heal all"...
  16. Lady Ashthorn

    What soil to use?

    Hi guys! Ezra is FINALLY starting to settle in, I got him eating today. I would like to grow edible flowers and plants for him; english daisy, cornflower, dandilion, and California poppy. I need a soil which is safe to have in his enclosure in a pot. I have found a source of earthworm casting...
  17. Lady Ashthorn

    Meet Ezra!

    Hello! I just got my baby redfoot tortoise Ezra yesterday. I have him in a medium Cement mixing tub with dampened reptile-grade coco coir. I have a terra-cotta flower pot on its side with damp sphagnum moss in it for humidity. I have a light for sunlight and heat which reaches about 102 F. It...
  18. theo_piron

    My baby redfoot has a cloudy eye

    Hello friends, on the 12th of february a single baby redfoot tortoise born on one of my enclosures, he looked well and i put him in a separate space from his parents as they could hurt im somehow, he was botn with a closed nostril wich i easily opened cautiously with a toothbrush, but the next...
  19. Shelldons_mama


    Hey guys! We just got this beautiful baby girl from these guys off Craigslist. Found her randomly and felt so bad we just had to bring her home! She is 371 grams (about 13oz). She didn’t eat for like 3 days after we brought her home, thought maybe it was stress but now we can’t seem to get her...
  20. B

    New redfoot set up help and advice needed.

    Hi hoping you can help i have just got a redfoot and reptile shop appears to have given me bad advice so have lost faith. Have had to set up in a viv as i have dogs in the house. Inhave a 5.0 UVB tube and a 100w infrared heat bulb on a thermostat. Is this a good set up? Is there anything i need...