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  1. Igor the Russian

    New Russian adopted

    Hi All, I’m taking a Russian in that my can’t take on their move. I’m in Massachusetts. They actually found him running loose 6 years ago so don’t know how old. I have read so much conflicting advice online so just wondering some basic stuff. They have him in a 48”x13” glass tank with garden...
  2. NewTortGuy

    New companion! Hermanns tortoise

    Hi! Im erik and my tort is Sally :) Ive had her now for 4 days and I think shes gettin along alright. This is my first tort and with all the conflicting info everywhere online I finally decided to register here with full confidence this community knows what theyre actually talking about lol i...
  3. Summer✨

    I would like to get a Russian tortoise! (I've never owned a tortoise before)

    Hello! I'm super new here and would like to own a Russian tortoise! All I really know about them is that they are pretty cute and they can't exactly live in glass tanks. I'd like to know what to get for my tortoise. There's a lot of stuff you need from what I can tell. Like water conditioners...
  4. C

    Checking health

    Hey all! I recently became a Russian tortoise mom (about 1 1/2 months ago). When he (Littlefoot) first arrived, he didn’t eat for like almost two weeks. Then he started eating a lot of greens each day. Recently in the last couple days he started being pickier and eating very little compared to...
  5. M

    Egg tooth

    I am just curious, I was wondering if anyone knew when baby sulcatas lost their egg tooth. I don’t know how old mine is I can only assume it is younger than 6 weeks due to the egg tooth
  6. C

    New Tortoise not drinking or eating/ lethargic

    Hello! I’m in a bit of a predicament. I just received my juvenile Russian tortoise in the mail yesterday morning from Tortoise Town (I know. I saw the thread about the site too late). He has not taken any water or food since placing him in his enclosure. He will only move if I move him! I have...
  7. Lou1

    Guys im scared

    I found this turtle and i kept it as a pet. Ive had around a week. When i first found it it dint eat it just pooped. And like to days ago it ate very very little like 5 bites of some leaves. Ive never knew how take care of a turtle but now ive been researching and triying my best. Financially i...
  8. Winston's mom

    Help! I bought my tortoise a new tortoise table and he's not happy!

    Hi all, I adopted my 4 year old Russian tortoise from a couple last week, who had him in a small vivarium/ tank that was about 2 feet x 1 foot with beech wood chips as a substrate. We've bought him a tortoise table from Reptile Centre which is 90 x 45 x 21.5 cm (roughly 3 foot x 2 foot). I...
  9. S

    Shell Help

    Hello! I’m new here and also new at being a tortoise mom. I recently purchased a baby tortoise (not from the best place but I didn’t like the conditions it was in and was hoping to give them a better home). Ever since I got it, the shell sort of has a dent and they’re doing great so far but I...
  10. SuperReggie64

    Worried about my tortoise

    Hello I got a Russian Tortoise the other day from someone who said they couldn't look after it anymore. This is my first tortoise and im worried that his health isn't okay as his beak looks uneven and his always trying to escape. I was also told he doesn't hibernate when 1 Google search said...
  11. M

    New Baby Egyptian Tortoise Owner Looking for Suggestions/Advice

    Hello everyone! I am a new tortoise owner and after researching for a while, I decided to get an Egyptian Tortoise a while ago. I’ve now had Milo (short for Meiolania, a turtle from the Pleistocene epoch. I’m a bit of a nerd) for two weeks and he seems to be doing really well! I would love some...
  12. Y

    Tortoise Identification!

    Hello! A tortoise has been passed down from a few family and friends because no one wanted to take care of this tortoise. I have never had a tortoise before but I plan on staying committed in giving this little guy all it needs! I was wondering if anyone recognizes the breed and gender?
  13. D

    Maybe Dehydrated Eastern Box

    I’ve recently been given an about 2 year old Eastern Box Turtle. I’m currently building her a tortoise table (before me she was kept in a tank) and I’m curious what to do because she seems dehydrated. I used to have a Hermann tortoise (rescue) and when I got him I took him to a vet and he said...
  14. M

    baby Hermans questions !! need advice

    Hi, My baby Hermanns is 10 months old and has been doing really well I've had it almost a month now. appetite is good, starting to get more picky hah but I think that's because he knows ill feed him now. he walks around his enclosure and will climb over things in their. he's in a 2x4 tortoise...
  15. N

    Western Hermanns Hatchling Advice

    Hi!! I am getting a beautiful western hermann in the next week. She is my dream tortoise, I at first ending up buying a zoo med tortoise house, but I have noticed the benefits of a closed chamber enclosure. I am wanting the best care of my little one, I do want to make sure her lighting is...
  16. Torta21

    (New Owner) Help, is this set up good for my baby Sulcata baby!

    His enclosure is fry wood and the dimensions are 38inch (L) x 24inch (W). His temperature is always around 80+ and his humidity in his closed chamber is usually around 70-80%, I use coconut coir mixed with Orchard bark. I live in SoCal, around the inland empire valley so it’s usually not lower...
  17. R

    New to tortoise keeping. have a baby sulcata tortoise.

    (sorry for my bad english) My family member recently purchased a sulcata tortoise for my cousin who couldn’t take care of him, he ended up giving it to me today. What do I feed him? I learned most info about tortoise care taking online is old and outdated so iv came here. How big of an...
  18. new_owner_mack

    Help my ID my box turtle(?) please?

    Hello! One of my friends had to move fairly recently and I took over care of (what she presumed to be a tortoise) 4 months ago. She gave me everything she had to take care of him and I've been looking for awhile to find out what species my tortoise was (she told me that he was a male, and that...
  19. Aequor

    Help with feeding

    I have recently got a small leopard tortoise, she is I think about 6 months-1 year old based on her size. It's been five days since she was purchased, but she hasn't eaten, we gave her types of organic greens. She's only been drinking, which made her go from 157 to 173 grams as of today. I was...
  20. Isolde


    Hello, my name is isolde and I am new here, this are my girls/boys: This is Tete and she is 7 years old ( I think) and this is Jesse, i think he is a he and is 3 years old (but im not sure) I’m not really sure what species they are because a relative gave me tete when she was a hatchling and I...