hermann's tortoise

  1. Shemdatrini

    My Weeds Garden I. D. (Pic Heavy)

    So this has been done before and trust me I've scoured them looking for matching plants. I think I've gotten most of them right for my Dalmatian Hermanns but i still have a few questions. I've included pictures of the plant and the leafs. Top and bottom. For better identification. Plants 1 and...
  2. J

    Some questions about my new hermann's

    Hi, my name is Jack, and I recently got a 4-year-old Hermanns tortoise named Oogway. and I have some questions. Should I feed him more than once a day, How much should I feed him, I have done a lot of research on their diets so I think I have that one covered. What should his basking spot be...
  3. isobull

    how long do chalky urates take to normalize?

    I have a ~1 year old hermann's tortoise that I've had for about 7 to 8 months. Everything has been really good so far aside from a minor RI that he just recently got over. I'm concerned now because his urates have become chalky. I've increased the amount of soak time he gets, how many times a...
  4. Conor Belton

    Does UV light effect us?

    Hi, I have a Hermann Tortoise that I keep indoors, (I use the UV light in her enclosure) and I was wondering does the uvb light affect us.
  5. Schildlkröte

    Cool-Side Temp for Russians vs. Hermann's?

    I have never had a tortoise before and am really appreciating the depth of experience on this forum, including and especially the Beginner's Mistakes. I am debating whether to go for a Russian or a Hermann's tortoise at a fair this weekend. I live in Minnesota, so the tortoise will need to be...
  6. Sxrxh

    Hello from me and Speedy!

    I got Speedy about 4 days ago from the pet shop. Speedy gained his name as he was constantly pacing up and down the glass (I'm guessing because he was bored). They fed him on carrot and white cabbage which he didn't touch. He is now on a diet of curly kale, leafy salad etc - which he loves! It...
  7. Avery.s

    Many many hermanns questions

    hello! my name is Avery, I'm very new to the tortoise world. I felt very prepared for the little tort to arrive after all my research, right until he actually got here. He (we've been saying he for now) is about two months old and named Allo (picture in my profile pic). my list of questions...
  8. Richard Harrison-Cripps

    Severe caudal infection in wild T. hermanni awaiting translocation

    Any medical advice on the following would be hugely appreciated ... We have a small number of adult Hermann's rescued from development sites here in Montenegro and awaiting relocation to a reserve in the spring. Two of the females appear to have, to varying degrees, tissue infection in the...
  9. Meag

    Zippy the Hermann's Tortoise

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and my reptile friend. My name is Meaghan and I have a 4 month old Hermann's tortoise named Zippy. I am a second grade teacher and live in Los Angeles, California where I think we have great weather for this species of...