hermann's tortoise

  1. DesireeKelly

    New Tortoise Keeper - 14 week Tortoise

    Hello! I’ve been searching info for weeks and often end up on this site so I thought I should finally join :) Our tortoise is just a baby and super adorable but the information available is inconsistent and pet stores are horrible; they nearly blinded our poor little guy with coil bulbs that...
  2. M

    New Baby Dalmatian Hermann's

    Hello, I am new here and am getting a baby dalmatian tortoise. I have a few questions with things I am uncertain about and have not been able to find the answer to anywhere else. I live in an urban area, so most of the food for the tortoise will be bought from the grocery store or pet store. Is...
  3. RobMilkz

    New Owner Tips (Hermann Tortoise)

    Hello, I got my tortoise, Atlas, at a reptile shop along with his tortoise table, heat lamp, heat mad, soil substrate, water dish and vitamin powder containing calcium and vitamin D3. He is a 2017 Hatchling and came with a microchip. He is very active and loves to scratch at the corners, he...
  4. KieranMcKeown

    Shell rot?

    Hey guys! So when I got Alaska a week today, she had a bit of white markings on her shell, however a week on and it seems these white marks have spread to other parts of her shell. I was wondering if you guys could take a look and tell me what it is (shell rot??) And how to fix it? Many...
  5. T

    Diet for Testudo Hermanni

    My Hermann's tortoise eats red and brown-colored foods (tomatoes, radicchio, eggplant, etc.), but will not touch leafy greens. I am struggling to find more brown-colored substitutes for what is the recommended green/leafy diet. I've read through the forums, but no one seems to have this problem...
  6. tortoisekev

    May I introduce... Kevin (comments and questions welcome!)

    For the last 2 years I have wanted and researched getting a tortoise, and finally the week has arrived! We will collect Kevin this week and I'll introduce him properly then... for now here's some questions, info and pictures! Kevin is a 2.5 year old Hermann's Tortoise, bred in the UK by a local...
  7. AllieKat1997

    Dalmatian Hermann’s Tortoise Personality?

    I was reviewing my notes (I’m between Golden Greek and Dalmatian Hermann’s) and realized that I have nothing on Dalmatian Hermann’s besides “kinda shy”. What is their personality like? Are they friendly or shy? Are they active or lazy? I’d love to see pictures of your babies if you guys have...
  8. jessstapley

    Is my tortoise sick?

    hi I have just recently got a hermanns tortoise called Toulouse. She is around 2 years old. I have noticed today that she was blowing some clear bubbles out her nose I know this can be a sign of uri or maybe just stress. Other then the bubbles she has been settling in great, she’s very active...
  9. MunchIsMyTortoise

    Hermann's Tortoise Enclosure

    Overall I need a lot of help :p Problem One: I'm going to make an outdoor enclosure for my tortoise to roam around and be in during the day, and then at night I can bring him inside and use a heat lamp for a little and then turn it off when he goes to bed? Is this a bad idea, the moving back...
  10. MunchIsMyTortoise

    Calcium For Tortoise

    Hi, What brand / where do I find calcium powder or whatever for my Hermann's tortoise? He is about 5 years old
  11. MunchIsMyTortoise

    My Hermann's Tortoise Won't Stop Biting Feet/Shoes!

    Hi, So I have a Hermann's tortoise that is roughly 5 years old, and he has gotten into the habit of going after shoes and feet - he bites my dogs feet, my dad's, everyones'. It doesn't hurt, but it really pisses off my family, so I was wondering if there was any way to "train" him or make him...
  12. Baldy Aeschylus

    Hermes Growing

    Here are some recent pics of Hermes getting his bath and his new big home. He is definitely growing, and the moist soil around the base of his plants is his hangout, he hasn't gone in his humid hide i got from Amazon. I've been incessant about humidity and have a pretty good covered system in...
  13. gbzdbz

    hermann's tortoise isnt active in summer :(

    hi, my hermann's tortoise hasnt been active for a couple of weeks.. at this time of the year she always roams and is very active, wakes up around 9am or earlier. but not this time. now she sleeps almost all day, doesnt even go to the lamp just hides in her house. when i let her out she walks a...
  14. U

    New Hermann Questions

    I got my 2(ish) year old tort two days ago and wasn't very well informed by the seller but from the forums I think I vaguely know the basics. A couple questions: Should he be out in the sun as well as having the UVB light? His shell was slightly (but not worryingly) bumpy when i got him- is...
  15. Mia&Felicity

    Reed diffuser and Hermann's tortoise

    Hi, I have a reed diffuser in my room, but my Hermann's is in here to. I got one because my new room smells like dogs, but I'm not sure whether the fragrance fumes will damage her tiny lungs. Thanks. :)
  16. Baldy Aeschylus

    New Reptile Owner of Hermes the Hermann's Hatchling

    Hello, my name is Kirk and i just received my first reptile in the mail yesterday, and Hermes is a male Eastern Hermann's Tortoise. I have a small tortoise table made out of a rubbermaid container with low sides. I have read a lot about lethargic tortoises, but Hermes has been crawling all over...
  17. M

    Distinguishing between a russian and hermann's tortoise

    Howdy there folk. I have a question that I just can't find the answer to anywhere. So I work at a national pet retail chain and we just got in this little guy. He was sent to us labeled as a russian tortoise. Now, admittedly, I'm not great at distinguishing between the Testudo species, but this...
  18. Shemdatrini

    My Weeds Garden I. D. (Pic Heavy)

    So this has been done before and trust me I've scoured them looking for matching plants. I think I've gotten most of them right for my Dalmatian Hermanns but i still have a few questions. I've included pictures of the plant and the leafs. Top and bottom. For better identification. Plants 1 and...
  19. J

    Some questions about my new hermann's

    Hi, my name is Jack, and I recently got a 4-year-old Hermanns tortoise named Oogway. and I have some questions. Should I feed him more than once a day, How much should I feed him, I have done a lot of research on their diets so I think I have that one covered. What should his basking spot be...
  20. isobull

    how long do chalky urates take to normalize?

    I have a ~1 year old hermann's tortoise that I've had for about 7 to 8 months. Everything has been really good so far aside from a minor RI that he just recently got over. I'm concerned now because his urates have become chalky. I've increased the amount of soak time he gets, how many times a...