1. GalenLimo

    Help me determine the gender

    Please Help me determined the gender, ;) i’m newbie
  2. Avery.s

    Many many hermanns questions

    hello! my name is Avery, I'm very new to the tortoise world. I felt very prepared for the little tort to arrive after all my research, right until he actually got here. He (we've been saying he for now) is about two months old and named Allo (picture in my profile pic). my list of questions...
  3. LostRock

    Greetings, my turtles, & questions (long post!)

    Greetings! I've kept turtles since I was three years old - I'm 21 now and I'm getting a lot more into the hobby recently. Little story: My 3 toed boxie, Roger (not actually sure if male or female, but I will get to that later), was kept in my parent's backyard for most of his life. Typically...
  4. camm3

    Does the size of the hide matter for a hatchling?

    I initially started with a smaller hide, which she really enjoyed and used all the time. For the two weeks I've had her. Thinking to offer more room, switched it out for a larger hide, but she won't go inside. Instead sleeps on the side of it, after roaming around her habitat. I feel she may...
  5. Penny7

    Bortis the Tortoise Intro

    Hi! Just got our first tortoise, its a Sulcata, about three inches across. His/her name is Bortis but also Bean and also Tortilla. He really likes Kale but will not even touch the alfalfa hay we put down. He's very active and loves to soak. I have no details of who the breeder is, but Bortis...
  6. Eemwam

    Marginated baby not eating

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice or opinions on our Marginated tortoise baby. My boyfriend and I got Curtis about 2 months ago. He was 2 and a half/3 months at the time. He hasn't been eating well since we got him. When he does eat, he will eat a decent amount (Not a lot). However, he...
  7. Ali Richardson

    Introducing Olive

    hello friends, I received the sweetest baby Russian tortoise from Carol S and I am thrilled!! She is so active and sweet and happy in her new home. Carol was an absolute dream to work with and is so knowledgeable and kind. I feel so happy to have connected with her here on the forum. I highly...
  8. Rhea

    Carol S- Great Russian Breeder

    I received my little girl a week ago today. She’s doing awesome. The little tort is very active and alert. And boy can she eat! Carol answered all my questions and gave great advice. Her torts are very well started. This little tort is like a pet puppy. She likes to eat out of my hands and...