eyes shut

  1. Q

    Russian Tortoise Won't Open His Eyes

    Hi, I have a Russian Tortoise who recently got out of hibernation and won't open his eyes, won't eat, and will only drink when I give him a soak. I've looked this up, and I've gotten a thousand different answers all telling me different things. I assume he won't eat because he can't see since...
  2. D

    Baby Sulcata Left Eye Problem

    Hey all! Just got a baby sulcata last Sunday. I took him out in our garden to graze on some grass this morning. He was energetic and loved walking around the place. Now, I noticed that it's left eye is not opening up as well as the right eye after it took a nap. Sometimes the right eye is...
  3. M

    Texas Blizzard and 135lb Sulcata with both eyes swollen red and snot!

    Hi All, We have 3 large Sulcatas, here in Central Texas. All were in excellent health until this Texas Blizzard hit. Our power was our for 3 days and we had to move the torts inside our house (stinky)! Even inside our home the temp got down to 42°F for about a day. Prior to the power going...
  4. S

    My baby Leopard Tortoise is very sick and I don't know what it is!

    hello, I purchased a baby leopard tortoise about a year ago, and he or she still hasnt grown much, seems to be always dehydrated, has symptoms of MBD (malleable shell and lathargicness) which I'm trying to treat, but I reecently got back from vacation and found its eyelids and skin on its front...
  5. Mambo

    Help please?! (closed eyes)

    hey guys, So I’ve had mambo now for two months and I’m utterly in love . When I bought her she had swollen eyes so I took her to an exotic vet ( we only have one in Northern Ireland) he checked her and said she was strong and healthy and was eating and drinking and very active. He gave her an...
  6. E

    New Tortoises' Eyes Black and Shut? + some questions :D

    Hello! So I just got these guys yesterday at a local pet shop here in Qatar, and they say these little guys came from Thailand, but didn't know what kind of tortoise it really is, and the temporary little place we have for them now kind of worries me, so, here are my questions. 1. What kind...