1. L

    Enclosure advice

    Hello everyone! Thanks for all the feed back from my last post. After finding out I was doing a lot of things wrong I spent all day yesterday researching, watching YouTube videos, and reading threads on this forum. I now know I definitely need to upgrade Edison’s enclosure and soon. My dad...
  2. S

    Upgrading Redfoot Enclosure

    Hey everyone! I have a beautiful ~7 month old redfoot that I purchased from Southern Reptiles last year. He's already more than doubled in size and quadrupled in weight since October. He will occasionally explore his enclosure, but I think he needs more plants/coverage to feel fully comfortable...
  3. M

    Just recently got a baby leopard tortoise

    I just recently got a little leopard tortoise and I just recently found this forum as well and I have some questions about the enclosure and if anyone can give me some help or tips it would be greatly appreciated! First off I live in Arizona and plan on an outside enclosure once the little guy...
  4. Sophie1432

    First time tortoise owner set up advice

    Hi I got my hermanns tortoise last October and he is almost a year old, I did lots of research into lights, diet, enclosures etc.. before getting him by watching YouTube and browsing the web. However I am always looking to improve as he is my very first tortoise so any advice is greatly...
  5. AgataP

    Outdoor living space for Herbie.

    Spring is here and I absolutely love seeing Herbie outside enjoying his tortoise travels and eating his treats while enjoying the sun. Since he is way to small to let him be in the grass I have decided to build an outdoor box where he can be safe, have some roaming space and has no way to dig...
  6. T

    Multi Level Enclosures to increase sqft

    Howdy! Ever since I was a kid I've wanted a tortoise, and now that I'm 23 I'm finally fulfilling that dream and have decided on a Russian Tortoise. Now I'm still going back and forth between getting an adult or a baby (It's technically my first pet other than betta fishes), and while I am...
  7. J

    Does my screen blocks UVB from SUN?

    Hi Guys, I'm getting a sulcata hatchling tortoise and I have a few questions. I'm living in the Philippines a tropical country. (Dry season currently with a temp ranging from 29C to 35C) 1. I'm thinking to put my sulcata in this spot. Since the afternoon sun directly hits my windows, is it a...
  8. Coborbasta

    Underlining substrate

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on substrate to go under the orchid bark so the tortoise can burrow. I use tortoise terrain but realise it’s not good for them. cheers
  9. Coborbasta

    New plants for my enclosure

    Got some spider plants in my enclosure starting to look good Ruben the red foot is loving it 💪🏻 if anyone could suggest any more that would be great!
  10. Krista S

    A big thank you & my new enclosure

    I first want to thank all of the members who are putting in countless hours posting replies and helping people out. I, like many others, did an enormous amount of research before getting my Hermann’s tortoise. I was so confused by all the conflicting information. The only thing I knew for...
  11. W

    New to tortoise keeping

    Hey guys, I'm going to get a tort next month but I've never had a tort before. I have some experience with reptiles as my brother keeps lizards but I know it's very important to get it right for torts and I wanna make sure I give him the best possible chance to be happy. I'm going to run...
  12. PiL71

    Wood protectant

    Hello - I've been off and on planning a final enclosure for my Russian, Herb. I've had some run ins with people on here before, so I'd really appreciate only help, no harm (unless the harm is for the safety of the tort) As everyone here knows, tortoises can eventually scratch thru wood sealant...
  13. Coborbasta

    Planting seeds in an indoor enclosure

    Hi new to the forum. Recently got a red footed tortoise and I have a inside enclosure being in uk! I was wondering if there was any m plants or grass seeds I can plant in the enclosure to make it abit more natural for the little guy. If so would I be able to use the substrate I am using which is...
  14. DB53E802-C43B-4E49-B002-F5811BE941DD.jpeg


    Orzo here, this is my life as a pie chart 🥧🐢 What other things do you do during your busy tortie days? 🤔😃
  15. Isabel Casiño

    Help Building Baby Red Foot Tortoise OUTDOOR Enclosure

    I am going to build an outdoor enclosure for my year old baby red foot tortoise, we live in Prattville, AL, and it gets pretty hot and humid and I thought of keeping him in our backyard for the rest of the year until winter. Right now temperatures go from 70F and have around 60% humidity but it...
  16. H

    Sulcata Outside enclosure

    Hey there guys ! I’m this is Normies my 1 year old sulcata. I’m just sharing this for some ideas ! I’m in California and we are in the mid 70’s rn . He also has a enclosure inside our home for the night time. I would like to decorate his outside enclosure with some eatable plants , any...
  17. I

    First enclosure , any advice or changes needed?

    I recently acquired my first tortoise a leopard tortoise and it’s quite different from my normal reptile and invert setups that I’m used to . Is there any advice I can get to improve what I have and make his home as best as it can be ! (here’s some pics of his crib )
  18. MStacy

    Sulcata in bathroom

    Hi. My Sulcata is around six years old and is 11#'s. I'm in Florida, but we are experiencing a cold winter. I don't let her outside unless it's 70° or higher. So, she's currently living in my bathroom. Our house is set on 73°, she has a open cardboard box with hay, and I have a CHE aimed...
  19. Дружок

    Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding

    Does anyone have experience with the Lucky Reptile Tortoise Bedding? https://www.avonturiashop.nl/lucky-reptile-tortoise-bedding-20l.html We now use Lucky Reptile Humus Brick on advise of the store we bought our Russian Tortoise...
  20. M

    Enclosure for Leopard Tortoise

    Hello. This is my first time posting a question, but I needed some help. I have a 2 year old Leopard Tortoise, and I have him in a 4 foot long x 2 foot wide wooden open top enclosure. I have been reading a lot of threads here, and some have said an open top enclosure is ineffective for young...