1. yusufning

    Sulcata UVB light requirements (CFL bulb)

    HI everyone, I have a question, I have a compact fluorescent 26w UVB 10.0. What is the ideal height for Sulcata? Currently, it is set up at approximately 12inches (30cm) from the shell. Kind regards :)
  2. Goldy_slg

    Springtails (Snow Fleas) in Cypress Mulch?

    My Russian tort Hank is in cypress mulch. I spot clean her enclosure (a wooden Zoo Med Tortoise House) daily after work. I will occasionally see very small whiteish almost light beige colored little bugs on remaining lettuce scraps or poop. I don’t see them in large quantities, usually a few...
  3. churlishcurls

    Thanks from my overly anxious self

    Greetings from Minnesota - My partner and I brought 007 the Russian in to our care a few months ago now, and I've been inundating myself with knowledge, tips, and reptile husbandry videos ever since. This forum has definitely helped me gain a sense of proportion about Tortoisehead's needs...
  4. Sammy714

    Tortoise Enclosure Wanted

    I am looking to get my first red foot tortoise soon however I would like to get set up first. Can anyone help point me in the direction of a custom enclosure builder? I am not very handy and would not like to pay the shipping for a rather large enclosure. I am Located in Southern California...
  5. jsharpminer

    Two Story Indoor Enclosure

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I had a question I was hoping to get some advice on. I have seen a lot of indoor hatchling/juvenile tortoise enclosures with a ramp leading to a second level. I have a 1 year old leopard tortoise, and her indoor enclosure is a 40 gallon glass tank that I...
  6. tinytortoise

    Enclosure remote viewing!

    Hey there, throwing this onto a separate thread as it could help people interested in this topic. So yesterday I received a wifi enabled camera and set it up inside of my enclosure. It has motion detecting, and I can select the time range for it to detect, and then it sends mobile...
  7. melyssaandmorla

    Hermann's Tortoise indoor enclosure safe plant and decor ideas

    Hello, I have a 4 year old tortoise named Morla and I'd like to make his enclosure a little more interesting. I was wondering if anyone had simple decor ideas and a list and safe plants I could add. He has stomped all over an aloe plant I had once and flips himself if he has tunnels, so I was...
  8. Turt☆

    Hatchling indoor enclosure

    Hello all, I live in southern california and I have been looking to purchase a zoomed 50 gallon low boy breeder tank to house my hatchling for the several months until large enough to house outdoors. Anyway, I cant seem to find any local stores that sell it and it doesnt seem like any online...
  9. Erinelle

    Sulcata hatchling enclosure proper humidity

    Just finished this project that has taken me weeks to complete. Essentially, an indoor green house! This is not a brag....not at all. I’ve been obsessed, trying to get this right! Since I started out with bad advice on desert terrain versus needing humidity! Ambient temperature: 84° (No cold...
  10. E.czarnowsky

    Newbie wanting feedback

    Hello Sulcata forum! My name is Eric and I live in Wake Forest, NC with my Wife and two kids. We recently adopted a baby Sulcata from a breeder at repticon. After much research through reading and watching videos, I believe my setup is a perfect setup for the first years of our little...
  11. O

    Thoughts on custom enclosure?

    I spent nearly a month building it, I've checked the plant for safety issues (safe and does not eat) I feed him a mix of greens and shredded carrots. He isn't as active during the winter i thought it was normal but just want to know. He has lived there for a few months now.
  12. S

    I need lots of tort help...

    I'm new to this.. i have a lot of questions about our torts health. My family has 3 sulcata torts, around 2 years old. As they've gotten older, one of them has just stopped getting bigger. Myrtle and Rafael are huge, while Tucker is half their size. I recently found out that torts need lots of...
  13. Autiwara

    Bugs in my enclosure...

    There’s been an accumulation of insects in my RF’s enclosure lately, not sure what they are but some people tell me to keep them because they’re beneficial... Is this true? (I had some videos of them but the files are too big, ugh)
  14. C

    New Enclosure Help

    I am looking to set up a new enclosure for my Russian tortoises. I am thinking 3x7, not sure about height. I also want to add a second level(possibly for a basking spot). I am open to any suggestions but just know I have restricted space.
  15. TortSpeed

    Enclosures in FL???

    I’m in South FL... I have only had my Tort about a month, the previous owner gave me an igloo type dog shelter for him.. (as I read many comments about). I noticed he has slightly burrowed, at least removed most of the grass and is mostly on dirt... Does this mean he is looking for for...
  16. jsheffield

    Outside Enclosure and Nightime Tortoise Box Questions (in NH)

    Good morning TFO, My redfoot, Darwin, is racing towards the 100g mark, and winter is closing in ... a winter mix of rain and sleet and snow is falling on the spot I put him out for a few hours on the last tropical day this September, but I'm thinking ahead to next summer. The day I put him out...
  17. Eredant

    Juvenile aldabra enclosure

    I will soon be receiving two juvenile Aldabras (100-200g I suspect). Here is the enclosure 200x60cm that I've prepared for them. As I mentioned in the other post (Indian star enclosure) I've decided to place the water bowl almost directly below the MVB, to ensure high humidity, which hopefully...
  18. S

    Sealing wood with Vinyl?

    I’m working on an indoor tortoise enclosure for my red foot and I’ve seen most posts advising to stay away from pine. I was thinking about using stick on vinyl flooring planks to make the enclosure water proof and more attractive. If I do that would that make pine safe to use as it would...