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egyptian tortoise

  1. A

    Egyptian Tortoise Sexing

    Hi, I have had 4 Egyptians for 3 and a bit years and just wondered if anyone could assist with sexing them. I know they are still relatively young but they were about a year when I got them so I think they’re coming up to an age that I should be able to start determining it. Any advice...
  2. iceysea

    Tortoise found, What species of tortoise is this?

    Hello! I'm a new tortoise owner, but I cannot figure out what species he/she is (my family is assuming female after doing some research but we can't be sure). My parents found a small tortoise outside while walking the dog two days ago and we are assuming she is an Egyptian tortoise. She's...
  3. T

    Looking to buy!

    Hello, my girlfriend and I are fairly new to the game and are currently on the search to adopt an Egyptian tortoise from a reputable breeder. We currently live in central Alberta, Canada and are hoping to find someone who breeds or can acquire a hatchling in this country but will always accept...
  4. O

    what does she eat

    I don't know what does it eat I rarely see it eat or drink I bought for her some cucumber ,Romaine lettuce,iceburg lettuce, rocket, grape leaves but still she dosen't eat any of them and when I put her in my front garden to have a liitle bit of sun light it eats the grass which made me even more...
  5. B

    Should I get a tortoise or not?

    I'm really debating on getting a tortoise. What is stopping be is I don't know if i can feed him a wide range of foods to eat. I don't i can grow weeds inside my apartment. I can give him organic greens from the produce store and of coarse Mazuri tortoise food. But that might be it :/ The...
  6. ShirleyTX

    Guess who woke up? Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    Note: Please don't be alarmed at the white oyster shell substrate in my photos. It is one of the two recommended substrates for this species! You might already know that my Egyptian tortoise arrived last Thursday and was essentially motionless for four days. I was freaking out like a mom with...
  7. ShirleyTX

    Finding Organic Plants for Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    I'm preparing for my 2 year old Egyptian tortoise to come home. I will plant some things so I know they will be grown without chemicals. But I wanted to have some plants ready for her when she arrives in the next week or two. Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise (her birth father, LOL) gave me...
  8. joecolonna

    Egyptian tortoise won't eat

    I recently bought what I think is an Egyptian tortoise, but I am having problems getting him to eat. I had him now for about 3 weeks and have tried to make him as comfortable as possible - big space to roam and lots of sunlight - but I haven't seen him eat yet, although he drinks a lot. I've...
  9. TortyDxb

    Egyption at London Zoo- today (just for fun)

    Wasn't doing very much, actually did not move- sorry! Very very smooth shell ...