box turtle

  1. K1RK

    My Outdoor Ornate enclosure

    My outdoor enclosure. Hope you like it. Any questions feel free to ask.
  2. O

    Box Turtle Outdoor Habitat

    I have a large outdoor habitat containing sixty-three box turtles. All are three-toed box turtles with the exception of one wild-caught ornate box turtle. The area is approximately 10,000 square feet, part wooded and the remainder bermuda grass and ornamental grasses. There is a pond in the...
  3. StephS

    Wild box turtle with possible ear abscess

    Hello, A box turtle has decided to make my back yard his home. We are very happy about this. We noticed he has two bumps on one side of his head. Looking on the Internet, ear abscesses seem the most likely cause, though the bumps don't look inflamed like the pictures I saw... My question is...
  4. D

    EXTREMELY Picky Box Turtle. Will not eat any greens.

    I recently inherited a (what I believe to be) ornate box turtle. I've read that their diet should be pretty much 50/50 greens and protein. He goes nuts for some worms, but won't touch any greens. I feel like I've tried absolutely everything. I didn't feed him for a few days and then offered him...
  5. S

    Return it to the wild? or Find it a home?

    Return it to the wild (I'm for) or find it a home (not something I support 100%). I was given a box turtle (I think). I'm pretty sure was found in the wild (here in FL). Don't know anything about these nor the best course of action. I'm for returning to the wild. However, if it's more likely...
  6. C

    How much work is a tortoise really?

    Hello, I'm very new here and do not actually have a tortoise yet, but I've been thinking about getting one for about a year and have been reading this forum for a few months now. I want to make sure I know what I'm getting into before I actually take the plunge and buy a tortoise. My first...
  7. Turtmum

    Staying buried?

    Hey everyone, we've had our three toed, Clem, for almost two months now. I've been worried about her recently because she literally stays buried under her substrate all day (and I think night too). At first I thought she might just be nervous in her new habitat, but its been almost two months...
  8. shaine m

    Help! Pothos Eye Irritation URGENT

    Hello. I recently redid my ornate eastern box turtle’s enclosure and messed up big I’m afraid. I put in a blend of coco fiber and natural soil but unfortunately planted golden pothos as well. Upon learning it’s potential to irritate eyes I removed it after only one day of being in the enclosure...
  9. Turtmum

    Normal Eating Amount?

    Is it normal for my three toed to eat so little? I don’t know her exact age, but we suspect she’s under a year (maybe 3 inches from the top of her shell to the bottom). I give her a heaping tablespoon of food every second day (50% protein, 50% veg). I have to dig her up normally, and I put her...
  10. Turtmum

    Feeding a Young Boxie

    Hi everyone, I'm a new turtle mom and although my husband and I have done a lot of research, now that we have a turtle we have a few questions. Just as an introduction, this is Clementine. We were told she is a three toed boxie (even though she has four back claws and I have my doubts) and her...
  11. AprilOneilTurtle

    Taking a Dip in the Pool

    Oh you know, just taking a dip in the pool because i'm thirsty GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!!
  12. AprilOneilTurtle

    Messy eater, I am!

    what a messy eater, she just swallowed up a superworm! She is such a character already! She is such a pretty lady, i’m obsessed!
  13. T

    Help! (diet and care)

    You will have to excuse me I've never posted on something like this before and im not exactly tech savvy or an english major but I needed help and didn't know how else to find it. I have a hatchling (missouri) 3 toed box turtle. I saved it from a cat about a month (maybe a hair over, Maybe)...
  14. C

    Gulf coast box turtle's strange behaviour

    Hi everyone from Spain! This week temperatures has dropped from 18º celusius to 10º celsius during the day and from 10º to 4º during the night. It caused a quick brumation for the majority of my box turtles, some of them adapting well to the new situtation (buriying themselves), but others were...
  15. Trish33

    Update***We had more babies!

    Thank you to everyone who read/responded to my post regarding the hatchlings. Today marked 16 days after my little one hatched...and 4 more hatched this morning. I had almost given up hope. They are so cute!!! I'm going to need to upgrade their living quarters.
  16. D

    Box turtle hatching not eating

    About a week and a gal ago I got a hatching box turtle and since I got him he hasn't eaten a single thing every morning I take him out of his encloser and put him in a little bit of water and then take the water out and put a worm in with him but he doesn't act interested at all he either goes...
  17. Trish33

    How much time between hatchlings?

    Hello all! Newbie to the forum and I hope someone can give me some advice. I've had painted turtles for over 10 years, never any eggs or babies...which I am completely fine with. And then Chewetta came into my boyfriend was on a job site and rescued an Eastern Box Turtle that was...
  18. M

    Read ASAP ! Box turtle isn’t cared for

    There is a box turtle that my step brother “rescued” from the wild. He found it one day and took it and kept it on a land that his dad owns. He named it Bob and isn’t taking care of it. A little back story on my brother : he is my mom’s fiancé’s son. His dad bought him 2 sulcata tortoises just...
  19. N

    Injured Eastern Box Turtle

    Hi, someone gave me an injured eastern box turtle they said it got hit by a car. But when I checked him out it looks like an animal attacked him and took his back right foot and his tail. I cleaned up the foot and tail but my question is would he be able to take care of himself if i were to put...
  20. K

    Injured turtle rescued, but now what?

    Hi everyone! Im new here and only happen to find this forum bc my killer of a dog snagged yet another turtle from our yard. Luckily enough, i was able to stop him before he got to the very gushy insides, however shell damage did occur. I hate that this happens but the get in our fenced in...