baby box turtles

  1. Baby Just Arrived

    Baby Just Arrived

    Eastern Box Turtle hatchling within minutes of arrival.
  2. BentoNeko

    Here's my Eastern Boxie Enclosure! How can I improve?

    Hello everyone! Here is a picture of my one year old Eastern box turtles enclosure! I'm wanting to give it a makeover and make it better for her! I was hoping you guys would comment and tell me how i can improve! Her substrate is a mixture of top soil and sand, but I was thinking of adding...
  3. Turtmum

    Hello! New Box Turtle Mum, Advice is Always Welcome!

    Hello Tortoise and Turtle lovers, My husband and I have always wanted to keep a turtle and we finally had the chance to get one. We have done a lot of research but still appreciate advice from more experienced box turtle parents! A little bit about our new baby: Her name is Clementine (due to...
  4. Triz