1. Colinpv

    Seeking good home for my sulcata

    About 6 months ago i rescued a sulcata.... well up until last night, i thought it was a desert tortoise (im clearly not knowledgeable on the subject even though i tried my best) and i have no means of creating the proper environment for this poor little guy. i sadly sunk any money i had into...
  2. D

    California Desert Tortoise up for adoption

    I no longer have a suitable environment for my California Desert Tortoises and need to find a new home for them. I live in Culver City, CA. I have someone who is going to take one this weekend, but the other will still need a home. I can add measurements and photographs if there is interest...
  3. Dianep

    I so Tortoise

    Hi Everyone, My family is in search of a tortoise. Our BABY Sulcata tort recently passed away unexpectedly. My boys Frankie(9),Louis(8) and I are so upset. We have everything already for a new tortoise. We are not picky. We are just interested in a heathy tortoise. We are from Norristown,Pa.
  4. jobroyo

    Should I re-home my russian?

    ALSO POSTED TO CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS SECTION Hey everyone. I haven't been on here in awhile. I adopted a female russian tort. from a friend in March 2017- she was clearly being neglected, and I absolutely fell in love with her. I renamed her Ollie, and I attempted to turn a rabbit hutch into an...
  5. M

    Russian Tortoise needs a new home in Seattle

    Hi everyone, I will be moving from one side of the US to the other this winter, and where I'll be living I won't have room for a large enough enclosure to keep my russian tortoise ( comfortable. We've been together for years so I'm sad to see him go, but I know...