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  1. Tyanna

    New -temp- Enclosure

    Hi! It's been awhile since I've been around the forums, as a once very active member. So far I've had an "eventful" Summer, if you could call it that. I've lost my husband about a month ago in a fatal motorcycle accident which has left me to move back in with my parents for the time being...
  2. Tyanna


    I had a rough time in my life, which was why I was absent for awhile. BUT, I am SO glad to be back! :) Missed it here!
  3. Tyanna


    Ok, I'm getting real sick of these Facebook groups. I have always learned sand is a big NO NO. I inquired about someone giving advice to use sand for a turtle tank -- I asked if it could cause impaction like a tortoise. They said "A turtle will simply pass the sand, just like any HEALTHY...
  4. Tyanna

    Girl Scout cookies!

    Hi guys! I'm a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader, and my 6 year old girls need help reaching their goals for their FIRST TIME selling cookies! You can order online through a special link I would send to your email. Just click it, order, and your done! No hassle of getting money to me or waiting for...
  5. Tyanna


    I think I did something terribly wrong. I introduced my female to my male, and she took a bite at his face. This is the aggression talked about commonly in Russians, isn't it? Now I'm scared once summer comes they won't get a long, and I won't be able to supervise once I put them in an outdoor...
  6. Tyanna

    Tortoise on Craigslist Awww. :( I wan't the poor thing.
  7. Tyanna


    Do we have any gamers? What do you like to play? Post gamer tags, etc etc and what you like to play! I play xbox, some PC games, and my 2DS a lot. :)
  8. Tyanna

    Midnight snack.

    Late night snacking..I guess all women ARE the same. ;) it's okay Kiwi, I'll keep it our little secret.
  9. Tyanna

    Are we looking healthy?

    Is my new adopted Russian looking ok? I've done a tiny beak trim, plan to do a tiny bit more then let it do the rest naturally. Been soaking every day, her face still feels pretty dry. I often find her drinking for long periods of time too. I only set her on the floor for photos, so that's why...
  10. Tyanna

    All I want for the Holidays.. this! and lots of it! I don't know if it would be more of a gift to me.. or my torts. I think I'm more excited to get some than my torts are. ;) What do you want that's tort related for the Holidays?
  11. Tyanna

    Weigh ins

    So, my adult male weighed in at 394 grams, at about 5 inches SCL. My new adult female weighed in at 707 grams, at about 6 inches SCL. How does this sound?
  12. Tyanna

    New addition!

    Here's me new female russian. My 11 year old sister in law named her "Kiwi"! She has eaten, pooped, soaked (and drank SO MUCH water during and after her soak) and passed urates already. She's about 6 inches. Haven't got a weigh in yet!
  13. Tyanna


    Finally after a month or two of adding more females I noticed three babies in my tank! Woooo!
  14. Tyanna

    Is this a female?

    Having a hard time telling by photos. Also, beak could use a small trim or no?
  15. Tyanna

    Looking for Female Russian

    Interested in adopting an adult female Russian! :)
  16. Tyanna

    Reeves turtle

    Anyone have a good caresheet with tank set up examples? Also, any recommended breeders?
  17. Tyanna

    Fostering Tortoises

    I've signed up to help a (kind of) local reptile rescue who gets quite a few tortoises as a foster! I am pretty excited to be able to help and give them a good home while I can. Quarantine period: How long is this typically? (if same breed I'd let them outside together) When bringing in a new...
  18. Tyanna

    Breeding Russians: For Dummies

    Hi! I want to start by saying I am by no means ready to breed Russians, but it is something I would like to attempt in the future when ideal space is available and I am more knowledgeable. I would like to know anything and everything YOU know about breeding, techniques, tips, etc! Few...
  19. Tyanna

    Essential Oils

    Would diffusing essential oils be bad for a tortoises health? I've heard mixed opinions and want to hear more opinions, here. I mostly like to diffuse Lavender oils as it helps many different things.
  20. Tyanna

    Merry Early Christmas, Taz!

    Here's his new house!