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    Lycopus americanus

    Hello, anyone know if Lycopus americanus is safe for my Western Hermann's? Many thanks.
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    Burrowing vs. Humid Hide

    My 13 week old Western Hermann's won't use her humid hide. All of the parameters of the viv are aligned with the care sheet (humidity 60-88% over the whole viv all of the time, temps 82-86 daytime and 74-80 nighttime, and basking peak temp of 92. Her humid hide is on the side that stays at...
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    Safety of Dwarf Isopods for 13 week Western Hermann's?

    I'd like to introduce these to my 13 week old Western Hermann's aquarium, but she's so tiny, and I'm afraid that they will harass or nibble on her eyes etc... Any thoughts are appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
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    My New Baby Girl is Here!!!

    My 12 week-old Western Hermann's arrived today from Garden State Tortoise! This is Matilda - Tillie. She had a warm soak when she arrived, and she drank in the tub right away! I then weighed and measured her. She's a whopping 12g! Then, I put her on top of her lunch in her vivarium. She had...
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    Prepping for Arrival!

    Greetings and Salutations! My 12 week old baby girl Western Hermann's from Garden State Tortoise arrives tomorrow before noon! I am beside myself with excitement!!!!! I've gone through Chris' and the Mediterranean care sheets and think all is in good shape but just want to make sure no one...
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    Are the leaves and flowers of these plants edible for my Western Hermann's?

    Hello! I would appreciate any help that can be provided about the edibleness of the following for my Western Hermann's girl. Many thanks in advance!! 1. Pennsylvania Smartweed (Persicaria pensylvanica) (not listed on the forum nor TT) - photo here...
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    Best Turtles for 22,000 gallon Pond in Northern Virginia

    We're building a 22,000 gallon bog-filtered pond in northern Virginia and want to bring in some captive-bred native turtles to be part of our family. Any suggestions?
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    Questions for Optimal Care of Baby Western Hermann's

    I have thoroughly and carefully read the GST Western Hermann's care sheet multiple times and cannot find the answers to these questions. Many apologies in advance if I missed them. 1. Humidity of 70% for adults. Should that go higher for babies, in the 75-80% range? 2. Ambient daytime...
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    Building a 3-Tier Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    Hello, I'm looking into building my own 3-tier wood indoor enclosure for my baby Russian tortoise that will be able to carry him or her into adulthood. Apologies in advance for the very long post, but I want to do this right. Once baby reaches adulthood, I plan to keep adult outside in a safe...
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    How to increase square footage?

    Hello! I'm expecting my baby Russian from Garden State Tortoise in mid-August. I've read the care sheet and noted that the adults need 32sq ft of roaming space, minimum. Would there be any way to achieve that by moding this enclosure with ramps, for example...
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    New Member Introduction

    Hello! Thank you for letting me join. I'm very excited to be here. I have my very first tortoise on pre-order from Garden State Tortoise, a Russian. S/he is expected to arrive sometime in mid-August as a baby. I've already been going through threads and doing tons of research. I want to do...