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    Looking to buy/adopt Testudo Graeca shipping to Europe

    Hello, I'm looking for a baby Testudo Graeca that can be shipped to Portugal. Preferably female and with Cites. About me, I'm very dedicated and responsible, at this moment gathering information and material to house the tortoise. I'm requesting this information to see the sellers that are...
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    Red flags from a Tortoise Seller

    I contacted a seller to acquire a tortoise. He told me that the best ones would be Sulcatas and it had to be a pair because if it was one tortoise it would die of loneliness because they are very social. Next he said that I must also buy from him the following items: 1 heat lamp - I asked...
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    Arcadia vs Zoo Med UV Basking Lamps

    Hello, Are these two Lamps the same? Arcadia SMA100E27 D3 UV Basking Lamp, 100 Watt Zoo Med OL-48 Powersun UV Mercury Vapour Lamp, 100 Watt The difference in price is quite substantial, the Arcadia being almost half the price of Zoo Med.
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    Soon to be parent of Centrochelys Sulcatas

    Hi Everyone, My best friend passed away and his parents are leaving me with a couple of Centrochelys Sulcatas, that he got recently and loved them very much. I think they are about 4 months old. Congratulations on this Tortoise Community, I have been reading a lot of posts about them and I...