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    Did I overfeed my baby leopard?

    It was so funny, just a few months ago, I started a thread asking advice on my underweight baby who did not gain any weight. Unfortunately, the poor baby did not make it and he only weighted 20 grams at 4 months old. About 5 weeks ago, I've got another baby leopard who is 6 weeks when I...
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    Has anyone bought from Woody's Reptiles?

    I want to get a baby leopard and searched several places. Most of them have hatchlings just a month old and this breeder Woody's Reptiles has babies that are 4-8 months old. After losing two babies, I feel more comfortable with a little established ones. I wonder has anyone bought tortoises...
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    Just lost a baby

    Sorry to say, he did not make it. My almost 4-months old baby leopard died this afternoon. I kind of expected that something was wrong because he did not gained any weight since I had him. I tried everything to make him eat but he just didn’t grow. He was really tiny to begin with when I...
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    Underweight baby leopard

    My baby leopard is 3 and half months old and today is the 1st time I wieghted him. He is only 20g. He is less than 2 inches long. I searched the forum and most torts at this age is double or more his current weight. He is eating regularly and active. I feed him mix green but mostly green...
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    Will baby swallow substrate??

    I recenly replaced cypress mulch as bedding in my 2 months old baby's indoor enclosure but I noticed that the mulch pieces sometimes get into his food/veg. What happens if he accidentally swallow some of it. Will he get chocked?
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    HELP!! Baby leopard having diarrhea and small appetite

    Hi everyone, My baby leopard tortoise is about a month old and he/she is having some sort of diarrhea last two days. He is not eating much either. Is there something wrong with him?