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    Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides

    lol it took me a while to relize they were sitting on an oven mit! they look really adorable, but I don't know much of this species at all. Do they stay small too?
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    Burmese Brown Mountain tortoises?

    I know there is a guy who is breeding them and selling them on this site (bluebeast), but does anyone else have a personal experience with them? Are they like the red foots of the cooler climates in asia? I know that they are omnivorous to an extent and need high humidity levels, but not much...
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    Tortoises that live in cooler climates?

    Are there ANY types of tortoises that live in cool (20(coolest)-110 degrees farenheit?) I'm just wondering, because I know that there are a lot of species out there, tropical and desert, so I'm wondering if there are any cool weather ones
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    PLs help me... newbie here~~

    I hate to put this way, but have you ever read tortoisetrust articles? They often mention stories of people purchasing tortoises out of impulse, and the result of a new tortoise keeper with little knowledge. I never have had a star hatchling tortoise, however, I know that they usually don't sell...
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    4" Colombian Redfoot Tortoises - $110!

    wow, they are beautiful, what large nostrils lol
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    Good popular tortoise site

    Does anyone know a site that sells tortoises in relatively good condition? Last I bought from that, but there was no certificate, or that guarantee a parasite free tortoise... and it ended up my tortoise had a severe parasitic infection. Anyway, what's a good popular breeder that...
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    Aldabra Care Sheet

    Yeah and aldabra's are truly hard to keep in a 'secure' enclosure. If a sulcata can break down cinder blocks and picket fence, imagine the damage of an aldabra. I know that I don't have as much expertise as most of the members here, but if you do get an Aldabra I think you'd be in for more than...
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    carolina supply questions

    Hello, I was just wondering whether their products actually work and had anyone bought their massive plantains or dandelion seeds. If you were to choose would you get the russian seed mix and do you think you could mix them with the dandelion seeds and plaintain seeds (because they're sold...
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    Found this little one last night...

    Actually there are screw fly maggots that eat living flesh,so those are most likely the flies in 'flystrikes'
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    Some help please

    I'll get pics soon, but they're only on the scutes, not between them, and not red on the plasteron, only the carapace. He's active too, its like the pink on your finger nail, under his shell
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    Some help please

    Hello, sad to say but i think Kevlar may have septicemia... I'm not certain however the carapace of his shell had been turning a faded reddish pink. His plastron is fine, shell is hard, he's even passing waste. He has been sleeping a lot more and drinking a lot more though. I know what's best is...
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    2nd Annual Calendar Photo Contest Submissions Thread!

    Tortoise Name: Kevlar von Helm Tortoise Species: Leopard tortoise baby Taken by: Ash M.
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    Tortoise VS Turtle

    I have seen redfoots swimming though; yet their not necessarily turtles, right? They're even ominivorus
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    A Special Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Robyn!!! ...I must ask, but emysemys where do you keep finding those .gif?
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    flakey scalp

    I'm pretty sure its not a bad thing, because mine seems to have the same flakes... but i think his were caused by him scratching himself
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    Growing with Calci-sand

    Can you grow pants in calci-sand, because if grass or chicory is grown on the sand... it SHOULD have a good calcium content in them, right? Or are you better off with regular dirt I heard chicory is a very absorbant plant when it comes to nutrients, etc. Like how its high in calcium, and...
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    I got it, my little baby

    I THINK a sulcata, though not 100%
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    How horrible is this!!!

    I'm not going to waste my anger on a piece trash like her, because what's done is done, and that girl is digging her own grave, and her future is ruined overall
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    My little Olive's first Hibiscus...

    lol, well mine totally blew off the hibiscus... (in a way I grew attached to that plant anyway lol)
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    Not the Smartest tort on the block (or maybe he is)

    It's okay... mine 'bites' water